Lose That Unwanted Belly Fat Get A Macaw

Those comedic advertisements on television about dieting and exercise make me giggle.

Who among us wants to commit to losing weight at a rate that will cost us several hundred dollars per month? To tell you the truth, doing that is not required at all. There is a method for losing abdominal fat that is superior, much more enjoyable, and gratifying. The title of this article is “Purchasing and Caring for a Macaw.”

Believe me when I say that any old diet and workout regimen can’t compare to the joy and satisfaction that comes from having a macaw. When you follow my approach, losing weight comes naturally.

This occurs even without the use of expensive diet plans or medications that speed up the metabolism.

The greatest possible approach is to get a macaw and treat it like a pet. It is more enjoyable (I don’t know whether that’s a legitimate word, but it is). The ownership of a macaw and the maintenance of its weight management system are both simple and enjoyable for me. It is an antidote to feelings of despair. It is motivating and provides a person with another purpose in life to strive towards.

You won’t even have to make an effort to shed that undesirable belly fat if you utilize my technique since it will accomplish it for you automatically.

The way it works for me is as outlined here.

Before I turn in for the night, the very last thing I do is check that the door of the cage containing my macaws (shadows) is securely closed. Every morning at around two o’clock in the wee hours, this is the norm.

Approximately six thirty in the morning When I wake up, depending on how I’ve been sleeping, I either shift the shadow off of my back or off of my belly. When he gets off the plane, he shakes me awake. It took him less than a day to figure out how to unlock his prison.

Keeping your time in bed to a minimum is one of the most effective ways to maintain a healthy weight.

After that, it’s time for a shower (twice a week for the bird), followed by making coffee and breakfast. Shadow eats a portion of everything that I consume.

In around an hour’s time. I’m now watching Fox News while scuttling about on the floor. Shadow imitates their rumbling and groaning sounds well and does it constantly. We pretend he’s a young dog and play with him. We play games such as rolling the ball, shaking the cloth, and catching the finger.

After that, I hoist him onto my shoulder, pull myself up off the ground, and place him on his perch so that he may make a mess. A excellent exercise is provided by the constant motion of standing up and sitting down on the floor.

Now is the time to clean the cage, and the macaws need a large cage of 6 x 5 x 7 inches. Because he is there assisting, I end up spending more time than is really required. A good thirty minutes of hard exertion and sweating.

After that, Shadow and I will do some work on the computer. Shadow has a habit of grasping at my fingers while I write and darting back and forth to his toys that are scattered around the floor. Even with his assistance, typing is laborious task that takes many hours to complete. My elevated levels of contented frustration and the ongoing need to start again almost always keep my pulse rate up.

The next step involves hoisting him into the air. This allows him to stretch out his wings and flap them. That comes out to four or five minutes of me holding my hand high in the air so he may use his wings as a kind of balance. That appeals to his sense of adventure. Therefore, we do this several times on a daily basis. We like to shout weeee. It’s a fantastic exercise for the shoulders and arms.

It is time to get ready to go outside and take a stroll around the yard on the way to the mailbox. Shadow and I make it a habit to pay the neighbor woman who lives four homes up the street who looks out for us every day a visit in the morning. This activity, which involves climbing stairs, counts as healthy exercise.

Now that it’s lunchtime, we eat once again, and everything stays the same as it was with breakfast.

It’s all really laborious, and you definitely deserve a nap! This strategy of having the shadow fall on me as I sit on the sofa has been successful for decades.

After the nap, we continued to snarl and growl like dogs for another half an hour or so while we were on the floor. In typically, there is an additional bird that lifts.

After that, it’s time to go back to the computer for further finger chasing. You probably have no clue how difficult it can be to type when you have a macaw resting on your hand, do you?

Now I’ll reveal the secret weapon that helps me stay lean and brimming with vitality:

We try to go to the gym every day between the hours of four and five. Our rear porch is enclosed and is 16 feet by 28 feet by 8 feet. If there is sun, then there will also be sun on the porch in certain locations. Because the floor of the porch is concrete, it is beneficial for the toenails of the birds. I have claimed one half of the porch for myself, and the other has been decked up with toys and treats that any parrot could want.

I do a little bit of exercise, and he does a little bit of exercise as well. I work up a sweat and grunt in frustration. He may be seen climbing, jumping, and flying through the air while making the sounds of a parrot in the jungle. He acts like a dog in that he pursues a rubber ball and then brings it back so that it may be rolled again.

Believe me, we have a solid workout planned for the team. We don’t need no stinkin diet. When I first encountered shadow, I was 31 years old and weighed 175 pounds. 62 years old and 182 years old today. Both Shadow and I eat whenever and whatever we like. We shall keep putting forth joint effort to clear things up.

Maintain your current weight and acquire a macaw to help you do it.

Since 1978, Ryleigh Cantrell has been the proud owner of his blue and gold Macaw, named Shadow. There are two possibilities on what the bird’s name may be. Both of these things go hand in hand. to get further knowledge on blue and gold macaws.

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