Life After Polly: The Life Commitment Of African Grey Ownership, And Things You Should Think About Before Buying A Bird

When selecting your new pet, the focus on having a happy, healthy bird that is a good fit for your personality is no minor achievement. However, you may get so engrossed in the thrill of having a clever, exotic creature that you fail to consider the implications for your life. Here are a few things to think about.


The thousand dollars or so you spend for your bird is not the end of your costs. There are medical costs, a cage, and other expenses, but what about food? If you eat junk food on a daily basis, you should also consider purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables and a renowned seed blend. What about the toys? At 10 – 25 dollars each toy, paired with a sharp beak and persistent nature, this will build up to a several hundred dollars in annual costs.


It goes hand in hand with the cost. Are you prepared to have your property and furnishings restored if your bird destroys them? Do you mind replacing an expensive piece of electronics or an antique furniture because your bird’s beak got to work on it while you were out doing the laundry? My bird had just burst three holes in my relatively new office chair as I was writing this, so I placed her back in the other room to play with her toys. Would you handle this scenario peacefully?

Social Surroundings:

Most are, your bird isn’t the only person you engage with on a daily basis. You could have children and pets. Will having a bird make your other animals envious, potentially destructive, and turn them into an entirely new animal? Are your children mature/responsible enough to respect your Grey, or do you have to worry about poking, tormenting, yelling, and the furious response of the bird? Can you abstain from cursing in front of your bird so that it does not repeat it to visitors or other carers? How will you react if the bird bites you out of annoyance, anger, or fear?
Not everyone loves animals. Are you prepared to choose your bird above a casual boyfriend or girlfriend, or are you going to make your bird another statistic of being rehomed numerous times because “so and so didn’t like the bird?” Your boyfriend or girlfriend suddenly deserted you, and you rehomed your bird for them 8 months ago. Congratulations.

Life Plans:

I’m not going to be arrogant – – I didn’t think it through completely when I purchased my Grey, and I forgot that I’d be moving to another country in a year. Don’t worry, the bird is going with me – for $3,000, which covers two government vet checkups, new bands and microchips, a long-distance trip, and confinement. However, consider this: will you need to travel regularly, and if so, do you have someone you can trust to look after your bird and get proper treatment if necessary? If not, are you ready to travel long distances with your bird or pay additional costs to fly with it as carry-on or cargo? Will you be able to provide the bird with the right time of day, or will he/she never see you because you move from working overtime to happy hour at the local club? Can you make preparations in a will or final testament to guarantee that someone else responsible and loving, like yourself, will take proper care of your bird if it lives its entire lifetime of 75 years?

African Greys may have the personality and intellect of a tiny kid, but the amount of attention and assets they need is comparable to that of a small child (though we don’t advocate locking your little child in a cage all day while you’re at work). If you can go through this list and identify a method to suit your Grey’s demands in each circumstance, that’s fantastic! However, if you see that this sweet, clever creature is becoming a crutch in your life in a manner that you are unable to accept, then do yourself – and the incredibly reliant, innocent bird – a favour and let it go. Don’t get it! There are many homeless dogs in the world, and there is a great fit for you and your lifestyle out there someplace.

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