Keeping Them Safe

Parrot Nutrition and Diet
Parrot Nutrition and Diet

Aside from a nutritious feed and a clean cage, the next most crucial aspect of your parrot’s existence is a safe environment. Birds’ respiratory systems are quite different from those of other animals, and as a result, they have a relatively poor tolerance to fumes. This topic contains the most printed literature on parrots out of all the subjects. I’ve mentioned some of the most prevalent risks below, but please keep researching and making your house as secure as possible since there are very few second chances in this situation.

Open the windows and doors. The majority of escaped birds are never apprehended.

Ceiling Lights.

Plants that are alive. Many of them are harmful; see your veterinarian to find out which ones.

Air Fresheners and Scented Candles For scent, they often employ ‘essential’ or ‘heavy’ oils. While they may smell pleasant to you, keep in mind that your bird is breathing these oils at 7 times the concentration that you are, which may be lethal.

Cookware with a Teflon coating. When overheated, it emits a very deadly smoke that humans cannot detect, but which may kill your bird in seconds. According to official Teflon test findings, outgassing occurs about 525 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep in mind that the tests were conducted using fresh metal, new teflon coating, and a new bond between the two. What I can’t discover are any test results using well-used or damaged cookware. I’m curious if the pan still outgasses at 525 after a year or so of thermal fatigue, or if the composition breaks down and lowers that number. Instead than taking a risk, I replaced all of our kitchenware.

Cleaners for the home. Many of them emit gases that are deadly to birds. When cleaning, make sure the area is well ventilated. Consider utilizing natural cleansers instead of chemical cleaners. It’s safer for them, and it’s safer for you.

Jewelry. Never allow your parrot to play with jewelry because it is made with lead-based solder, which is extremely toxic.

Tobacco Smoke

Feet. Parrots will often come hunting for you, so get into the habit of glancing down.

Insecticides and pesticides They, like household cleaners, emit gases that are harmful to birds. Furthermore, the majority of these work by leaving a toxic residue on the surface.

Toilet seats that are open.

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