Keeping a Blue and Gold Macaw as a Pet: Things to Know Before

Despite this, only a select few should attempt it. There are a lot of folks out there that have the dream of one day owning a Blue and Gold Macaw.

Simply pay attention to how many macaws are being sold by individual owners. When it comes to having a Macaw parrot, many individuals make the mistake of taking on more responsibility than they can reasonably handle or failing to appreciate the amount of time, effort, and attention that is required.

For those who have a soft spot in their hearts for animals, macaw parrots are almost impossible to resist due to their stunning appearance, out-of-this-world coloration, friendly and lively demeanor, and overall high level of intellect.

Unfortunately, a large number of individuals make impulsive purchases when they invest in one of these lovely birds. The decision to acquire a macaw is often made after a delightfully informal introduction, without any considerable amount of pre-purchase study being conducted.

The stunning, witty, affectionate, and perceptive bird that the person sees for the first time is not a product of random chance. This bird is the result of a lot of love, care, commitment, and understanding being put into its creation. It is possible that people who own macaws and have a deep affection for them would find this labor to be the most satisfying, but it is still work.

The task is started for you by committed breeders who have a good reputation and who hand feed and socialize the chicks. Following the purchase, continuing that socializing should be an ongoing activity. The effort and commitment of the breeder is what makes hand fed puppies and kittens the most desirable pets and friends.

The breeders teach the young birds that humans are not only necessary to their life but also a natural and normal component of the flock by hand-feeding the young birds. Because of this, humans may now be identified as a member of the bird family.

Taming a Macaw Blue and Gold or any kind of macaw that was not raised from a chick by a human requires the skills of a true specialist. The vast majority of them will simply never develop the same level of affection, gentleness, and contentment in being a member of the family as the hand-fed bird would. The first and most critical stage in the process of socializing any big companion bird is to provide it with food via hand feeding.

The breeders’ personal care goes a very far way toward helping to ensure that anybody eager to continue the process will likely continue to have a friendly, trainable, and affectionate bird.

Sadly, the majority of potential owners, or at least a significant number of them, do not completely understand how vital it is to carry on the process of socialization begun by the breeder. Before getting a macaw, one must thus have a significant amount of free time and an even stronger willingness to complete the process of caring for the bird.

The process of socializing is something that must be maintained throughout the lives of huge birds like the Blue and Gold Macaw. When left to fend for themselves, macaws have a high propensity to return to their wild state. They have the potential to become far more dangerous than a kind and caring partner.

If the macaw is left alone for too long or too frequently, it is easy for it to lose interest in being the lovely bird and friend you bought it to be in the beginning. He is fully capable of turning into the angry, very noisy, and destructive bird that is capable of pulling feathers and has the potential to become.

When everything is taken care of properly, having a Macaw parrot as a pet is not just every bit as satisfying as having any other kind of animal as a companion, but for me it is much more so. There is no other kind of pet that I can think of that will connect with its owner as closely or for as long as the macaw or other giant parrots will.

It’s possible that the macaw’s intelligence is what makes the bonding experience so much deeper and more meaningful for me than it would be with any other kind of domesticated pet. It’s possible that the fact that macaws aren’t kept as pets is the single most important factor in explaining why their bonds are so extraordinary and meaningful.

It takes a serious commitment to care for a Blue and Gold Macaw as a pet. The Macaw is not a suitable option for someone who does not have sufficient amounts of time, attention, and commitment to provide for his demands. The Blue and Gold Macaw will almost certainly want you to devote some of your time to caring for him and providing him with not just physical but also mental and emotional assistance. When it comes to his demand for your attention, he may be nearly manic about it, but when it comes to displaying and sharing his devotion to those who are a part of his flock, he can be just as manic.

Because of his kind and welcoming demeanor, first and foremost. There are very few instances in which a Blue and Gold Macaw would choose to be left alone. A macaw that has been properly socialized will show a strong desire to participate in all of your activities. The majority of the time, a Blue and Gold Macaw just wants to be around you and participate in whatever activities you are engaged in. He is unable to stop it. It’s just the way he is.

Only by devoting your time, care, love, and understanding, as well as your complete and total commitment, will a macaw be able to develop into an incredible friend. If you’re not committed to the relationship, he might quickly become simply another beautiful bird.

Because taking care of a macaw requires devoting a significant amount of one’s own time and energy. It is quite improbable that a similar encounter will ever be had with any other kind of animal. When you share your life with a macaw, it instantly becomes more intimate and fulfilling. The added benefit is the memory of the event and the experiences with this blue and gold macaw will stay with you for the rest of your life.

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