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In my last blog post, I described the advantages of visiting a bird show… I also mentioned some bird clubs. This time, I’d like to discuss the benefits of joining a bird club.


A bird club is just a gathering of bird lovers that meet on a regular basis to socialise. In general, they will share their expertise and experience, provide advise to novice bird owners, discuss ideas, and offer assistance.

Many organisations have well-organized gatherings. Seminars will be held, guest speakers will be invited, and monthly newsletters will be published. They conduct meetings at community centres or other places large enough to accommodate huge numbers of people. Other groups are tiny and content to meet in the homes of its members. But the advantages remain the same! You’ll constantly learn something new.


Are you serious? Membership in a bird club may benefit all bird owners.

All of the groups I’ve seen are typically operated by highly experienced bird breeders who are eager to share their knowledge. Are you a breeder who is having trouble getting your birds to mate? Do you have a recurring medical issue? Are you perplexed about what meals to give your mating birds?

Have you attempted to get this information from a pet store? What a hoot! They do not have a well-educated personnel, and in many situations, the information they provide is more harmful than useful.

But the bird club members do it all the time! They either have the answers or know where to look for them!

Members are an excellent source of guidance for new bird owners. All for a simple annual membership fee and a few of hours of participation every month.


Begin by locating other bird owners. You may also go to the local veterinarian’s office or pet shop, since they would most likely have contacts with the local clubs.

There are a few bird periodicals that have club listings. One such publication is Bird Talk magazine. There are many websites with them on the internet. is one such website.

This organisation was formed in order to encourage all of the nations’ groups to share their expertise and resources. They convene frequent conferences and share any new information they come across, such as new regulations governing bird breeding, pet sales, or other relevant issues.

This organisation has a list of bird clubs in the United States.

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