Jeremy’s Beak Treats Story (Diabetic Macaw)

Jeremy is a 15-year-old blue and gold macaw female. The incident began when we saw she was eating and drinking excessively, had a completely liquid stool, and was losing weight at an alarming rate.

Our quest had begun. She is hypothyroid, according to the first veterinarian. To me, she looked to be everything but hypocritical. As a result, we did not provide her what we were informed.

We got her to Dr. Barno at Rock Creek Veterinary Hospital after a five-month journey in which I was able to stabilize her somewhat. Jeremy’s glucose level had dropped by 200 points (though she was still 500 points above normal) and her weight had increased by 100 grams, but she was very weak and her feathers on her back were black and green instead of blue. Dr. Barno recommended insulin and a high fiber pellet diet to help her stabilize. Insulin was ruled out due to Jeremy’s trauma of receiving a shot twice a day and being aware of the damage insulin causes the body.

I didn’t like the pellet brands he offered either. (I’m still amazed at Dr. Barno’s patience with me.) He came up with the idea by recommending high fiber pellets. If she needs a lot of fiber, I figured I could make her a fiber-rich food. That is exactly what I did.

Her glucose levels dropped, she gained weight, and she is stable as long as she consumes this food. She’s still diabetic and pale, but her old spirit and strength have returned.

Diabetic Beak Treats Mix by Jeremy

  • 1 oz. finely chopped fresh organic vegetables
  • 1 teaspoon powdered psyllium husk
  • 12 teaspoon powdered slippery elm bark
  • 1 tbsp. organic peanut butter
  • a couple of drops of aloe vera gel
  • a couple of drops of flax seed oil

Mix thoroughly and serve!

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