Is A Parrot A Good Pet For A Child?

Children and parrots! This image seems to have the propensity to produce a negative impression at times, particularly when the bigger parrots are included in the conversation. However, for many individuals, their fascination with birds began when they were children. This was undoubtedly the beginning of my infatuation with parrots! I’d want to show you how I started engaged with parrots and how my children are involved now, as well as what it means to each of us.

My parents let me bring home two gorgeous budgies when I was five years old. Percy and Perky were vibrant friends, and it didn’t take long for me to become utterly enamored with the notion of parrots! As a youngster, I liked to read books and devoured all I could get my hands on parrots.

I decided to start breeding parrots while I was in junior high. I was head over heels in love with macaws and cockatoos! My parents were really kind, and with their financial assistance and the money I had saved from summer babysitting and yard labor, I was able to acquire numerous pairs and set them up for breeding. Remember, this happened during a period when parrots were being imported in large numbers and costs were very inexpensive in comparison to today.

Many Babies are a Blessing

I was fortunate with several infants during high school and the years that followed. These couples and their children meant everything to me! I kept the first babies of each couple as pets. This past May, I turned thirty years old, and I still had all of my beloved pet macaws and cockatoos. They are now between the ages of eleven and thirteen. We have seven huge macaws and four cockatoos as pets and breeders, as well as various other varieties of parrots as youngsters.

I also have four children (and a saintly spouse!). My three daughters are thirteen, ten, and six years old. My three-year-old kid. Our children have always had birds in their lives, and I firmly think that it is possible to have both children and huge birds!

Gentle Parrots – Gentle Children

All of our birds “step up” quickly and have been continuously maintained in this manner since they were hand fed. They are very sensitive and compassionate. My children are the same way.

My children have been taught what is “appropriate” conduct with the birds, both outside and within their cages. For example, kids have learned that there is no poking or taunting in the cages. Andrew adored infants when he was approximately a year old (he still does). Even at that young age, he understood that he should only use one finger to pat the newborn on the head. It still surprises me how kind he was and is with all of the birds.

Samantha is my thirteen-year-old daughter. Surprisingly, she seems uninterested in the birds. She tolerates them but refuses to touch any of them, even newborns. She will pat them and offer them snacks on occasion (the bird thinks her raisin toast with butter is the finest), but that is the extent of her engagement. Of course, Sam is adored by the infants! We let our youngsters fly as long as they could before gently cutting their wings back. Sam has great thick, curly hair, and this is, of course, the babies’ favorite landing spot! Granted, I’m not a big fan of birds on top of my head, but she freezes in place calmly with a peaceful expression “Mom! Bring the birds!”

Amazing endurance

Ashley is my ten-year-old daughter. Ashley has a natural talent for birds! She is my assistant in the breeding rooms and has been severely bitten by several of the breeding Amazons. I give her a lot of credit; she appears to grasp that the birds may be testy at times (read “HORMONES”!). She always returns to assist, although voluntarily. “You fall off but you always get back on,” she adds of my horseback riding. When it comes to the birds, she has great tolerance!

We received a Goffin’s Cockatoo approximately a year ago. Ashley’s closest pal is here. The two of them share an incredible relationship. Ashley has the propensity to absorb a lot of her emotions and may be extremely reclusive at times. Our rescued Goffin behaves similarly. They genuinely understand each other and have greatly aided each other!

A fantastic orator

Jessica is our six-year-old daughter. Jessie’s self-assurance, self-esteem, and love for life astound me on a regular basis! She and Ashley believe they are the infants’ instructors. Jess takes satisfaction in teaching all of our young men how to “step up” and “step down.” She also demonstrates to the infants how much fun it is to play on the floor! Jess is adored by all of our birds.

I might add that she is one of those kids that LOVES to speak! I mean, really speak! She will regularly begin a discussion with me in the kitchen, carry on the conversation as she travels upstairs (I lose her voice when she reaches mid-hallway), fetch what she needs in her room, and return, still carrying on the topic as she enters the kitchen! Needless to say, our birds are well-spoken too! There are days when I am really fatigued (round-the-clock feedings come to mind). When my “sleep-deprived” stage strikes, I am grateful for Jessie’s exuberance, as I am sure the birds are. Her mere presence illuminates the place!

Jess is in love with two people. The first of them is a Green-winged Macaw. Jessica is often seen snuggling in the chair with her companion, his head resting on her shoulder in full macaw “head fluff.” A Green-cheeked Conure is the other bird in her life. Jess has done an excellent job with this bird, who was one of our chicks many years ago. Chloe consistently walks up and down, enjoys being played with and hugged, and keeps Jessie company throughout the day.

Snacks for Sharing

Andrew is last but not least. Andrew is three years old. Despite the fact that he has four moms, every ounce of this youngster is a BOY! He and the birds like watching Sesame Street and dancing to music. He and one of our Blue and Gold Macaws could practically spend the whole day dancing! Andrew spends time on the floor with all of our bigger macaws and cockatoos. Of course, this is overseen. If the birds and Andrew were to choose two of the nicest things to play with, I believe it would be blocks and dinosaurs! They play for well over an hour every morning, and T-Rex has no chance until Andrew and Scarlet have finished with him!

Andrew gives the birds all of his goodies. He’ll often be eating applesauce with three or four macaw mates encircling him to grab a mouthful! Our birds adore spending time outside with Andrew (wings properly clipped – the birds’ wings, that is!) and squeal with delight when they get to ride in his swing while I push him. Andrew has been trained on how to deal with birds from birth, and it shows. He adores them, and they reciprocate his affection with incredible tolerance and care. I couldn’t picture my life without my children or my birds, and I believe that children and parrots may have incredibly significant and long-lasting connections. It is quite remarkable what can happen when you grow your children and birds together, giving them both firm limits, plenty of love, and building their self-confidence.

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