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FRESH Addition is without a doubt the best and most complete avian supplement on the market. It is the foundation of the Avian FRESH Program and will provide the best outcomes when combined with the other components of the AFP. However, as a supplement to your current diet, FA will outperform any other similar product.

Here is why:

Spirulina blue-green algae, barley grass, and Alfalfa leaf are all carotene sources in FRESH Addition. It contains a marine trace mineral clay that contains 88 trace minerals in their natural proportions, rather than simply a few isolated minerals. It contains four proven helpful microbes, not just one. And FA-SOAR contains effective quantities of eleven herbs from four continents, not simply micro doses of the most well-known herbs so they may be included on the label.

The elements that we do not use are just as important as the pure constituents that we do use. There is no bee pollen because it is difficult to manage the toxins that bees bring to their colony. FA includes no components that have been processed, condensed, or removed from their natural condition. Of course, we don’t use any synthetic vitamins, animal products, yeast, or artificial preservatives.

Most notably, FRESH Addition is the result of 17 years of research and development by aviculturists. You are obtaining the premium complete spectrum avian supplement for less than the cost of the individual components.

How to Use FRESH Addition

FRESH ADDITION should account for between 1% and 5% of the total diet. The application does not need to be measured or weighed. If your bird is severely malnourished, FRESH ADDITION is completely non-toxic and can even be fed free choice. At the time of feeding, FRESH ADDITION is best applied to any moist food. Moist foods include sprouts, fruit, vegetables, cooked meals, and anything else that will stick to prevent waste. We do not recommend that you add FRESH ADDITION (or any other substance) to your drinking water. FRESH ADDITION should be mixed with moist food (at the time of feeding; do not cook or store moist) until all surfaces are evenly coated with a thin blue-green color. This will result in a 1% to 3% application. As the material begins to cake on the food surface, you will receive an application of approximately 4% to 5%.

  • Use 1% to 3% on moist “treat” foods for birds on the Avian FRESH PROGRAM. You will have the best avian program possible, and the results will be impressive.
  • Use 4% to 5% on any moist food for birds that are primarily fed pellets. Stop taking all other supplements* for the best results.
  • Use 4% to 5% or more on moist food for birds fed a traditional dry seed diet. Stop taking all other supplements* and think about other dietary options.
  • For birds fed “shotgun style” (anything you can think of): Use 4% to 5% on moist items, discontinue all other supplements*, and inquire about how the Avian FRESH PROGRAM will save you a lot of time and money while also providing you with the results you’ve been looking for.
  • Long-term health problems in birds, such as feather-picking and other self-mutilations, a weakened immune system, and allergic symptoms that have not responded to traditional veterinary treatment: Apply 4% to 5% to all moist foods, provide free choice, discontinue all other supplement* and treatment options, and consider the Avian FRESH PROGRAM. Improvement is often seen within two weeks; however, depending on the duration of the disorder and the severity of the damage, some birds may require six months or more for significant recovery. We cannot, of course, guarantee that your bird will respond.

*Almost all other avian supplements contain synthetic vitamins, extracts, and concentrates, which can cause unwanted side effects. Using FRESH ADDITION instead of these will produce the best results.

STORAGE: Four months at room temperature. One year in a refrigerator or freezer.

IMPORTANT: Keep the bulk closed tightly. Decant into a smaller container for daily use.



Not just Lactobacillus, but FOUR scientifically proven beneficial microorganisms combined with SIX potent immune-boosting herbs and marine trace mineral clay.

Ingredients that are 100% whole, natural, and unprocessed
There are no synthetics, sugar, preservatives, or animal products.

Why are probiotics essential to avian health?

All warm-blooded creatures’ intestinal tracts provide an ideal environment for microorganisms. It is unavoidable that many millions of them will set up shop in the presence of food, water, and warmth. Are they a friend or an enemy? It is dependent on who they are.

There are billions of friendly ones in our MICRACINE formulas. Unlike most avian probiotics, MICRACINE contains four proven beneficial strains that specialize in different areas of the digestive tract. We also include special herbs that promote immune function and over 100 trace mineral compounds that are essential to most biological processes to round out the assistance effort.

You should be using one or both of the MICRACINE formulas unless you have been using the Avian FRESH Program for at least six months. MICRACINE-Nurture will significantly improve the early growth rate of incubator-hatched babies. MICRACINE-Enhance is designed specifically for adult birds who have been on a restricted diet, exposed to stressful conditions, or treated with antibiotics.


MICRACINE – CARE 1/8 teaspoon per cup of baby formula, or a thin coat over any moist food

MICRACINE – Improve Apply approximately 1/2 teaspoon per bird per day to any moist food.


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