Hyacinth Macaws – Personality And Breeding Info

For sale is a Hyacinth Macaw. $15,000

Oh my goodness, what a typo! Someone at the newspaper is in a lot of danger!

Nope. It’s not a typo. A Hyacinth Macaw is a bird that many people have never heard of. However, they are a one-of-a-kind parrot that is highly sought after and one of the most sociable pets you could ever own.

Macaws come in 16 distinct varieties. The biggest parrot species is the Hyacinth. A typical Hyacinth Macaw is 40 inches long and weighs approximately 3 pounds. Their feathers are a rich blue with an almost iridescent sheen to them. They have a big off-black coloured beak, which is typical in parrots, and it has a great crushing force. This makes it exceedingly simple for them to consume huge seeds, which are frequent in their diet.

Because of their attractiveness, they have been severely over-hunted and are listed as critically endangered. Hyacinth macaws are native to South America, namely Brazil and eastern Bolivia. The number of remaining “wild” Hyacinth Macaws is estimated to be less than 5000. Poachers target these birds on a regular basis for the illicit pet trade or for their feathers, which are much sought after for Indian crafts. As a result, they have legal protection and are prohibited to import into most nations.

Many breeders are now attempting to grow these birds in captivity. They are presently one of the most sought-after birds, with prices ranging from $7,000 to $12,000.


Breeding large, costly birds takes a significant lot of work. They usually lay two or three eggs per clutch and breed between April and August. They need enormous flying cages of at least 48 feet in length. Many breeders make nesting boxes out of wooden whisky barrels. Because they demand a high fat and protein diet, their meals must be regularly controlled. This implies they need a diet rich in bigger seeds and peanuts, as well as high-fat foods like coconut and palm fruit. This must be fed in addition to the other fruits and vegetables that they need for nourishment, therefore careful diet monitoring is necessary.

They also need seclusion before breeding. This will need an isolated site for their nesting place. Home breeders will have a tough time meeting this requirement….do you have a spare area to dedicate to breeding?


Hyacinths are valued not simply for their size and beauty. They are a sociable and clever pet. Unlike many huge parrot breeds, they are rather quiet. They are well-known for being simple to teach and fast to learn new skills. They have limited communication skills and are not renowned to be outstanding talkers like other parrots.

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