How to Take Care of a Nanday Conure?

The three most common Conure genera are Aritinga, which contains the Blue Crown, Mitred, and Cherry Head; Phyrrhura, which includes the Green Cheek and Maroon Bellied; and Nandayus, which includes the Nanday. Some ornithologists believe that the Nanday should be categorized as a macaw rather than a conure (Ara). Nandays are exceptionally sociable birds that seldom attack other parrots. I once heard that this makes them ideal for ‘multiple birdhouses,’ which I found deceptive.

Yes, Pipi and Casey are quite easygoing and seem to want to visit and socialize with the other men; however, the other guys do not share that viewpoint. So, if you have many birdhouses, remember to keep a tight check on these guys since they will not hesitate to ‘visit’ someone else.

Introducing my Nanday conures: Pipi and Casey are a mated pair of adult Nanday Conures. Even though they are quite close, they like spending time with us. Of course, they had to come with us. The experience of seeing these guys interact has given us a whole new perspective on how socially evolved parrots are. They have a complicated language of noises and motions, as well as an unspoken rhythm that is nearly human in character.

Quick Facts:
Scientific Name:
 Nandayus Nenday
Common Name: Nanday
Native To: South America


Nandays diet should be high in fruits and vegetables. They need a low to medium protein intake, as well as plenty of dark green and orange veggies. They are used to a range of meals and will rapidly get bored with an all-pellet diet. Put your Nanday on a 60% pellet diet and push those vegetables!

Our Nandays were junkies for apples! We’d put apple halves in their cage, and they’d consume them! This made it simple to supplement their diet with vitamins and calcium by dusting them over the apple.

Grapes, broccoli, and carrots are other favourites. You may supplement their protein intake by adding chopped eggs and chunks of cheese to their meal. Give them a few shreds of chicken and beef every now and again.


I’ve noticed that Nandays like to pluck their feathers. This is frequently the result of a bad diet combined with boredom. Conure Bleeding Syndrome is also a risk. This condition causes internal bleeding in the bird and is potentially lethal. This is assumed to be due to a diet deficient in Vitamin K and Calcium, both of which are abundant in broccoli. I’m not going to touch anything, therefore my Conures have to clear my plate! Another reason to keep Conures as pets……


These creatures can live for 20-30 years if properly cared for.


They take a lot of showers and should have daily access to a water bowl for bathing. They, like many conures, are quite content to sit in a sink while you use the sprayer to “rain” on them.


Are Nanday Conures Loud? ==> YES, but they are still excellent pets.

Nandays can communicate, although it takes some effort. I’ve heard reports of people having success with those “Get your parrot to speak” cassettes, but I’ve never met someone who has. Simply utilise the tried-and-true approach of socialising and rewarding the bird when it produces acceptable noises. Interaction with your bird is considerably superior than store-bought cassettes!

There are various strategies for getting your bird to quit shrieking all the time. To begin, remember that this behaviour might be triggered if the bird is fearful. Something about his surroundings is upsetting him and must be altered. So have a peek around.

They also scream when they are ignored, sad, or bored. Get your bird extra toys and rotate them periodically. One error that bird owners do is placing the bird in a remote area of the house where their screaming cannot be heard. This may simply make it scream even louder! They want to be noticed! They’re summoning their flock!

A larger cage may sometimes be beneficial. Just bear in mind that this kind of bird is naturally noisy. They scream most often in the mornings and nights.

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