How to Stop a Bird From Plucking Its Feathers?

Why Are the Parrots Plucking?

When it comes to plucking, you need to take your pet to the veterinarian so that they can assess the problem and offer therapy. Your veterinarian will need to carry out a number of diagnostic procedures in order to get to the bottom of your parrot’s ailment. This is due to the fact that your parrot’s behavior of plucking may be caused by a wide variety of diseases.

Anti-pecking Spray

The parrot anti-pecking spray inhibits feather pecking, one of the most prevalent and difficult-to-treat health issues in birds. Its effectiveness is based on the unpleasant taste of garlic oil, which is entirely harmless for vitality and keeps the animal from plucking its feathers.

  • Anti-peck spray Oropharma jungle shower

This spray is based on aloe vera and its purpose is to maintain the skin and feathers healthy. It also works well as an anti-biting agent to protect your parrot feathers from being pecked. Clean the feathers and restore the moisture balance of your parrot’s skin without affecting the skin’s natural fat.

  • Anti-biting spray for parrots

The anti-biting spray for parrots is suitable for birds that pluck their feathers, such as macaws, parrots, green parrots, cockatoos, yous, lovebirds, yacos, and other tropical birds. It is a very basic and easy process to implement: to minimize pecking difficulties, just spray your parrot with the spray every day.

  • Use and Specifications of parrot pecking spray

Papick spray is with a sour flavor to encourage feather pecking in parrots such as yacos, parrots, and macaws, among others. This anti-pecking spray may also be used in conjunction with a parrot collar, which stops the beak from accessing the parrot’s feathers.

Use on Hatchlings, newborns, and pigeons is not permitted.

The anti-pecking spray is made up of the following ingredients: Garlic oil (Allium sativum) (0.5%) is the active component. Shake the container well before spraying. Apply it to the bird every day at a distance of 25 cm, avoiding the head and eyes.

Elizabethan Collars for Parrots and Birds

Elizabethan protection collars for parrots are used when parrots are suffering from pecking, which prevents them from plucking their own feathers and further aggravates their condition. These cone-shaped collars for birds are also known as healing cones and comfortable cones.

Two separate components often fabricated from plexiglass and featuring an adjustable design, makeup what is known as an Elizabethan collar for parrots. They come in a variety of sizes to accommodate the various species and breeds of birds, and these sizes change according to the size of the bird.

  • When to use an Elizabethan collar for parrots?

Adjustable Elizabethan collars for parrots have the dual function of preventing the bird’s beak from coming into touch with the bird’s feathers and assisting the bird in recovering from the effects of pecking. These collars prevent the animal from plucking its feathers or harming itself, but they do not prevent the primary issue; thus, this collar should only be used to decrease symptoms and to avoid cutting or self-mutilation.

Elizabethan anti-pecking collars may be used on any kind of bird that has pecking or stress issues. These Elizabethan collars for birds prevent the bird from plucking its feathers. Soft or hard Elizabethan necklaces are available.

  • Sizes of anti-biting collars for parrots

Depending on the size and breed of the parrot, these must be adjustable, the recommended collar sizes are the following:

  1. For small parrots. Height 30mm, diameter 25mm.
  2. For medium parrot. Height 35mm, diameter 30mm.
  3. For gray parrot. Height 40mm, diameter 35mm.
  4. For macaw. Height 50mm, diameter 45mm.
  • Do my parrots need an anti-biting collar?

It is always recommended to take your parrot to the doctor if it is plucking its feathers, however, these anti-biting collars are mainly used to minimize symptoms and prevent your parrot from injuring its skin by plucking its feathers.

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