How to Start Breeding Birds? (Beginner Guide)

Important Advice For Prospective Parrot Breeders

Know What Type of Breeder You Are.

The people who raise parrots may be divided into a few distinct groups. Others raise birds for educational reasons, whilst commercial breeders create and sell birds for the goal of making a profit.

There is also a subset of breeders known as hobbyist breeders. These individuals raise birds out of a passion for the activity and sometimes do so for financial gain. In order to ensure the survival of the species, conservationists breed parrots. These organizations release birds that were reared in captivity into the wild in an effort to maintain their population levels.

Know Your Reason for Breeding Birds.

There are several benefits to producing parrots, which is why every breeder does it.

They contribute to the maintenance of the parrot population through these actions, whether or not they are aware of this fact. As a result of the degradation of their habitats, several species of parrots are on the verge of extinction. We shall be able to continue to take pleasure in parrots for many years to come if we continue to breed new birds. This will ensure the safety of future generations.

Take a step back and give some consideration to your motivations if you feel the impulse to assist in the preservation of parrots by breeding your own birds.

The process of breeding parrots is not as simple as many people believe it to be and needs a significant amount of commitment, skill, and patience. Prospective parrot breeders need to be aware of the financial commitment that is required to raise parrots.

Have Access to a Qualified Bird Veterinarian.

Breeders of parrots need to be aware of how to respond to illnesses or diseases that affect parrots and how these conditions should be managed. It is crucial to have access to a qualified bird veterinarian since not all veterinarians have the necessary expertise or understanding to properly care for birds.

You will also need to be prepared to cope with the loss of some of your birds since this is an unfortunate reality that is associated with rearing any kind of animal (and in particular birds). Read more about what cause parrots death.

Choose the Right Parrot Breeding Mentor/Advisor.

If you are dead set on being a parrot breeder, it is highly recommended that you seek help and direction from experienced parrot breeders in your region. If you are determined to do so, read on. These breeders should be people who have had success breeding with the same species of bird that you want to breed with in the future.

Breeders of parrots that have experience will be able to provide you with helpful advice on the amount of money you will need to get started, the equipment you will need to purchase, and how you should pick your breeding pairs. In addition to this, they will be able to identify areas in which you have gaps in expert knowledge as well as in equipment and personnel.

The majority of us who keep and breed birds regularly feel the need to consult with other people who own birds for guidance on occasion. If we follow the advisor’s recommendation without knowing them personally, the guidance may not be very helpful or may even be damaging to us. Caution is warranted if one is following advice.

  • Where do we stand with regard to the advice? If we are interested in the actions or requirements of breeding pairs, we should inquire as to whether the counselor has one pair, two pairs, or multiple pairs on which he or she bases their advice.
  • How many years of experience does the person have working with the animal in question? Two years or five years, or ten years? Understanding the behavior of a species requires both time and experience with multiple pairs of that species. This makes a significant difference in one’s ability to comprehend the behavior of that species. Different birds act in a variety of ways depending on their particular circumstances and the partners they choose.
  • Are the birds kept in cages or do they have access to outside flights?
  • Are there going to be more flights with pairs of the same species, or will there be flights with pairs of various species?
  • What about furniture that resembles cages? What different forms of perches are utilized, and where exactly can one find them? Are there any games or toys available on board? Where are the bowls for the food kept?
  • What kinds of foods do you include in your diet? How much food is given each day, and when does it get given?
  • When did the questioned individuals first meet each other? Is your mating birds younger than five years old? More than five years old? When did they first start dating each other? What kind of behavior does the pair exhibit? Are these birds taken in the wild or raised in captivity?

The answers to these questions are beneficial to the advisor when we ask for guidance on our birds, and they create the framework for a more detailed answer.

Try a Job in a Parrot Breeding Facility First.

We highly urge that those interested in breeding parrots get a job in a facility that specializes in breeding parrots if at all feasible. This will do two different things.

  • You will first and foremost get the opportunity to assess whether you appreciate working with birds and providing care for them from the time they are young until they reach maturity.
  • Second, it will educate you on the best practices of the industry and provide you with the essential experience that you will need in order to make your company or hobby a success.

There is a great deal to be discovered, and every species is distinctive. For instance, were you aware that newborn chicks require their environment to be maintained at a temperature of around 85 degrees Fahrenheit all the time?

Because young parrots are unable to keep their bodies warm on their own, you will need to carefully watch over them and keep them warm in a brooding area. Breeders of parrots need to have extensive knowledge of the proper treatment of young birds, or else they are likely to suffer losses.

Get Connected With a Local Parrot Club or Group.

It’s possible that raising parrots may become an exciting pastime for you, but first make sure you have enough expertise and are mature enough to manage it. A local parrot club or group is an excellent resource for guidance and assistance of any kind.

These clubs provide a wealth of resources for information, and you’ll have the opportunity to connect with experienced parrot breeders who are eager to share their knowledge with beginners. There is nothing that can compare to obtaining sound guidance from individuals who have successfully reared parrots that are in excellent condition.

Take a Note on Handfeeding and Selling Unweaned Baby Birds.

There are few topics that elicit as much debate as the sale of unweaned baby birds. Some believe that it creates a stronger bond between the bird and the owner, while others believe that it traumatizes the young bird and that birds weaned by knowledgeable breeders are more emotionally healthy and thus bond better with their new human family. Furthermore, inexperienced or incorrect handfeeding can harm a young bird both physically and emotionally, leading to lifelong health and behavior issues.

The average pet bird buyer should only consider purchasing a fully weaned bird. If the breeder did his or her job correctly, both in terms of raising the bird and educating and screening you as a prospective bird buyer, your bird should bond completely with you. If the breeder does not do a good job of raising their birds as well as educating and screening their buyers, you should look for a better breeder.

Handfeeding and weaning are best done by people who are very knowledgeable about what they are doing, whether they are experienced bird owners or breeders. If a breeder sells a handfed bird, we recommend that the future owner come to the aviary several times for instruction and supervision in handfeeding their new bird. Breeders should not release the baby to the person until they are confident in the person’s ability to hand feed, and they should be available by phone to answer questions.

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