How To Raise Baby Lovebirds?

Welcome to the Beginner’s Guide to Breeding. This portion of the site was created with the newbie in mind, although even experienced breeders will likely find something of interest here. The material presented here is mostly based on my experience with peachfaced lovebirds, but many of the concepts and principles apply as well to the other popular species.

This section is divided into broad subjects. You may go through each one in the order they are presented, or you can just pick and choose whatever one interest you. If you are completely new to breeding birds, I highly advise you to start with the first article, “Do I Really Want to Do This?” before going on to other subjects.

These posts are based on how I house, care for, and breed my birds. Many breeders believe that their approach is the sole “correct” way to do things, and to some level, I share that belief. However, I know breeders that successfully maintain aviaries that are considerably different from mine. These variances might be based on personal taste, facilities, fiscal concerns, or simply geography. My previous experience was with a medium-sized indoor aviary in the American Midwest. A breeder running a huge outdoor aviary in Florida, California, or anywhere else in the globe would undoubtedly benefit from benefits and confront issues that are quite different from mine.

There is a lot to learn about parenting lovebirds, but you don’t have to learn everything all at once. There is a lot of information here for you to go through, and I plan to increase this part on a regular basis since there is so much to cover, and even after eight years of raising lovebirds, I am constantly learning new things all the time. You can’t possibly learn all there is to know before you start, but it certainly helps.

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