How to Find a Lost Pet Bird?

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Your Pet Lonely? [5 Best] Texas Vacation Pet Friendly B&Bs

Lost Bird? Don’t Panic.

After being set free, birds have been known to survive for days, weeks, months, and even years. Never give up.

  1. You should search for a Grey always AFTER dusk and BEFORE sunrise, when it is still dark outside. During those times, they are the most outspoken and the most engaged.
  2. On day three, they begin to feel hungry and make an effort to enter the house in search of food; if they are tamed, at this point, they will approach virtually anyone in order to obtain food.
  3. Make sure you ALWAYS have a recording of your Grey when he is having the most fun and playing when you do. While you are searching for him, play this recording in fits and starts.
  4. Toss food items onto the roofs. Install a small cage on the rooftop of your home or the home of anyone else where the Grey has been observed.
  5. Instruct anyone who find him to place him in a pillowcase, and have others carry pillowcases or small cages as you continue your search. When unskilled holders catch Greys, they frequently do not know what to do with the birds once they have them in their possession.
  6. Water hoses are effective in stopping an intruder if they are used quickly after the intruder has escaped. Attack him all at once with as much water as you can manage to muster. Because he doesn’t exercise, he’s put on some weight, and the water knocks him off balance just enough to keep him rooted for a while. Do not drench just before nightfall unless you are confident you can get him.
  7. Make an effort to get in touch with groups located at least 50 miles distant. When people find them while traveling, they sometimes bring them back home with them. Flying is another option for Greys to cover such a distance.
  8. Offer one dollar to each child in the area and inform them that they will receive additional money if they are successful in locating your bird. Kids will also tell on adults who are trying to hide them. The police will not assist you in retrieving a bird that is inside another person’s home. If they decide that they want to retain your bird, you will need to prepare that particular event very carefully. according to Mattie Sue Athan
  9. Make sure someone is always keeping an eye on the bird in case he is discovered while you are away seeking assistance.
  10. If you attempt to climb the tree, it will most likely cause them to flee in fear. It could be easier to persuade him to climb onto a longer branch. Put some thought into this. Raise the level of his enclosure up to where he is.
  11. Ask family and friends who live hundreds of miles away in other places to keep an eye out for the lost and found advertising.
  12. If he is roosted in an area where it will be dark soon, wait until it gets dark before making any attempts to remove him. Even though they don’t want to fly and they can’t fly well at night, you have to make sure that you don’t miss. You might try temporarily blinding the bird with a powerful flashlight so that another person can catch or trap the bird while you distract the bird with the light.
  13. If he is spotted, keep the crowds of people away and let the owner to try to persuade him to come down. If he manages to get away, station some of your other assisting pals in tall trees or on rooftops so they can keep an eye on where he goes. You MUST have spotters who are ready and willing to help.

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