How to Choose a Bird Cage for Your Pet Parrot or Conure?

Cages for parrots may range from somewhat compact to quite spacious, much like the birds themselves. They are available in the shape of rectangles and cylinders, with both simple and ornate designs. The astute shopper will do their homework before trying to acquire a parrot cage since getting their hands on one might be challenging. You will want to discuss your final purchase with an experienced dealer, but we have provided you with information on four of the issues that should be addressed.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All – Your Parrot Needs a Cage That Suits Them

When looking at various parrot cages, it is important to take into account the breed of your parrot as well as its size.

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✅ Best for Big Birds

Spacious and a steal at this price point – Big birds need a lot of room so they can flap their massive wings, explore their surroundings, and get some good exercise. Large parrot cages are required for parrots that vary in size from African Grey Parrots to Cockatoos and Macaws. Amazons and Cockatoos also need large parrot cages. The bar spacing in large parrot cages must be at least one inch, and the cage itself should be composed of metal or steel. Your parrot has the potential to hurt itself if its huge parrot cage has any space that is even slightly less than ideal.

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✅ Best for Medium Birds

A Palace Fit- Cages designed for medium-sized parrots, such as Caiques, Cockatiels, Conures, and Senegals, are an excellent choice for these birds. Cages for medium parrots should have steel or metal bars with gaps of between 1/2 and 5/8 of an inch. If the space between the bars in your parrot’s cage is too wide or too narrow, your pet might be hurt.

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✅ Best for Small Birds

Sturdy and Portable Cage- You may need to look at tiny parrot cages if you own a parrot that is on the smaller side, such as a Budgerigar (also known as a Budgie), Lovebird, or Parrotlet. Due to the fact that all parrots like the activity of chewing, even little parrot cages should be made of steel or metal. In tiny parrot cages, the distance between the bars should be no more than half an inch.


The dimensions and contours of the parrot cages make up their configuration. Tall cages are required for parrots due to their need to exercise their climbing and flying abilities. Even the most basic, little parrot cages have to have a height that is at least 7–8 inches more than its width and depth combined. Parrot cages with dome tops are not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical. The climbing will provide the parrot with a source of entertainment itself. Large parrots require enough space in their enclosures so that they may exercise their ability to fly back and forth. Even though some parrot cages are designed to look like castles or Victorian homes—complete with turrets—one must be certain that the décor does not include any jagged edges or tiny corners that might cause a parrot to hurt their feet or beak.


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✅ Best Stainless Steel Feeding Bowl

Sturdy, and Easy to Clean – Accessories may go a long way toward achieving the goal of making parrot cages seem more “lovely” in the mind of the parrot. The bird will be able to see more and will have the impression that it is a more integral member of the “flock” in your house if the cage is elevated on stands. Additionally, stands provide owners with improved access to their parrots. Cages for parrots that are mounted on mobile stands provide owners the ability to transfer their pets freely from one location to another.

There is also the option of topping parrot cages with exercise areas, which will provide the parrot with both amusement and exercise while it is out to play. Playgrounds may include a wide variety of equipment, including swings, ladders, toys, stairs, and more. Steel, ceramic, or reinforced plastic should be used for the construction of the feeder cups that are included in parrot cages. Additionally, these cups should be placed in a readily accessible location. As a kind of physical activity, parrots will chew on the cups, and they are also capable to easily destroying other materials. A minimum of three distinct perches, each crafted from a different material, are required to be included in parrot cages. There are three potential materials: rope, hardwood, and cement. Your parrot’s feet need to have enough places to perch in order to maintain good health.

Cage covers are essential components of parrot cages because they provide the owner to control over the amount of light and darkness that their pet is exposed to. This ensures that the pet is able to obtain an adequate amount of rest.


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✅ Best Rope Swing Bird Toy

High Quality and Offers a Solid Grip – Last but not least, each and every parrot enclosure will need accessible spots to attach toys as well as amusing objects that may be attached. Toys for parrots come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, much like the enclosures for the birds themselves. Toys for parrots do not have to be very complicated. Toys may be fun to play with and can provide mental stimulation for your parrot, but the primary goal of toys is to assist parrots to do the behaviors that they would perform in the wild.

Toys provide them the opportunity to “search” for food, to “hide” themselves among the “leaf” of a tree, and exercise their beaks, which helps to keep their beaks strong. Toys for the feet of captive parrots may provide them with the foot training that is necessary to keep their dexterity in peak condition. To simulate their natural foraging behaviour in the wild, pet parrots may have their toys stuffed with food that they have to work to get. The parrots are able to communicate with their “mates” in the same tree because of the inclusion of small mirrors in their cages.

Find out as much as you can about the breed of your parrot, and then inquire about suitable toys that will cater to the various requirements of the bird.

The purchase of a parrot cage is a significant financial commitment. When you are shopping, be sure to be cautious.

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