How Much Does An African Grey Parrot Cost?

If you are looking for information about African Grey parrots, you have come to the correct site! It’s fantastic that you’re attempting to learn more about these amazing birds. But one of the key questions in the forefront of any person wanting to get one is ‘how much does an African Grey parrot cost?’.

To answer your question simply, the cost of an African Grey parrot will range from $1500-$3500.

The price range is determined by the breeder, the age of the bird, its look, and the sub-species (Congo or Timneh). However, this is not the only expense connected with acquiring a pet parrot; you will also need food, housing, toys, and a variety of other items, which we will discuss more in this post.

Why are African Greys so expensive?

When discussing the cost of an African Grey, it is important to realise that there are other expenses to consider. The procedure needed in certifying and securing legal possession of this uncommon species is what drives the high price of this bird. There are also other fees such as healthcare, insurance, maintenance, and child care. It is not inexpensive to raise a bird! But we believe it is definitely worth it.

Remember that this bird will most likely live for 50 years or more and become a true part of your family.

Why are African Greys so sought after?

African Grey Parrots are often regarded as the most clever, charming, and bright type of talking bird.

They have an exceptional capacity to imitate noises, converse, and sing almost anything a person can say. This has earned the African Grey a favourable reputation among pet bird aficionados.

These pet birds have lived for over 50 years and will be a lifelong friend; they are intelligent, terrific talkers, and enjoy the full attention of any owner.

They like attention, so much so that they should not be left alone for extended periods of time; as an owner, you must get used to spending significant amounts of time with your bird. Giving them all of the love and attention they need. It’s just like having a youngster in the home!

African Greys are also among the most sensitive pet parrots available. This means that they demand meticulous attention to detail and want regularity. Any minor disruption in their daily routine, feeding schedule, or playtime will result in boredom and behavioural disorders.

Closing Thoughts

The African Grey Parrot’s price rises year after year owing to poaching in the wild. As a result, the legal issues of obtaining one to raise captive are becoming more expensive and demanding. However, locating a reliable breeder or pet shop is simple.

When compared to other pets, the cost of an African Grey parrot might be exorbitant, but they are well worth it in our view. To be honest, you shouldn’t have a pet because it’s ‘cheap,’ you should get a pet because you love them and want to provide them the greatest care possible.

African Greys live a long life, are very active, and quite intelligent. You are acquiring a family member, not just a pet bird.

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