How Much Does A Talking Parrot Cost? (Green Cheek, Conure Types And Prices)

All birds should have a health guarantee on any pre-existing condition such as birth defect or disease. From the time of pickup and must be checked out by an avian vet.

If for any reason can not keep your bird anymore please contact your breeder so to figure out what the best thing is to do for the bird.

The price below is for reference only, the exact price will depend on the breeder.

  • Normal Green Cheeks are $175
  • Yellowside’s are $225
  • High Red Yellowside’s are $350
  • Cinnamon’s are $200
  • Pineapple’s are $275
  • High red pineapples are $350
  • Turquoise green cheeks  $300
  • Cinnamon Turquoise  $325
  • Yellowside Turquoise $375
  • Pineapple Turquoise $375
  • Firey shouldered conures $425
  • Black cap conure’s $250
  • Maroon bellied conures $250
  • Timneh african grey’s $900
  • Pearly conure’s $375
  • Crimson Bellied Conures $450
  • Painted conure’s  $400
  • Hoffman conure’s $600
  • Rosiefron conure’s  $375
  • Rose crowns conure’s $500
  • Emma white ear conure’s (pyrrhura leucotis emma) $500
  • White ear conure (pyrrhura leucotis leucotis) $400
  • Meyer’s $425
  • Senegal’s $400

Extra fees can include:

  • Shipping: countrywide through Continental for $125, this includes a carrier. Delta cost will be $185 including crate (subject to change due to airlines).
  • DNA sexing is available for $25
  • state tax

You should only work with professionally responsible aviculturists who would never peddle or market bird babies at any type of bird show, bird swaps, flea markets, etc. You must understand that everyone coming in contact with the birds at these events could be passing on viruses or other pathogens from one sick bird to the next, or from one person’s clothes to another. Remember the bird does not have to look sick to be sick.

Therefore no bird or you can be safe in these environments. If you were able to touch it, then anybody-everybody else before you did too. What did they have on their clothes, on their hands, do they have a sick bird at home, did they just handle a bird that may have a sickness before this?. Birds in these environments are problems waiting to happen, and the problems do happen a lot, and it mostly happens to you later.

Most of the horror stories we hear usually are related to the person purchasing a bird at a bird show, flea market, backyard breeder, etc

Most of these stories start out with “I Bought A bird from a guy at a bird show, I got a good deal, it was cheap”, “Now I am having trouble”.

We have actually heard breeders stating that “It’s the perfect place to unload their problem birds”.

We have heard a number of horrifying accounts of individuals who have purchased birds at these events or from pet shops, then brought the bird home, only to report that it became ill a few days later and died away.

However, prior to your bringing it into your house, it was most likely ill. And now you simply can’t seem to obtain any assistance or answers from the seller, and sometimes you can’t even locate: The kind guy or woman in the van, cannot get a touch with the folks that you met at the bird show because they have moved on, and keep in mind that you purchased it at a low price. Isn’t It Strange?

It is important to keep in mind that this is an open-air event, which means that all of the birds present are subject to the scrutiny of each and everyone who passes by. Perhaps one of these folks who are going to the so-called bird exhibition has a sick bird at home, or perhaps they just had one of their birds pass away not too long ago, but from what?

Keep in mind that the same individuals are touching the birds that are up for sale; if you are able to touch anything, it means that everyone else has already done so. What kind of dangers did they put this bird in, and now you want to bring it inside? It is not only harmful to you, but also to the birds who live in that area.

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