How It All Began!

I was working on the Census in 1991 when I visited on a bird trader. I was convinced to purchase a pair of Glosters because I wanted a canary to sing to me. I purchased a cage and returned home with my groceries. The following morning, I was startled to see that the couple had laid an egg; I rushed to get a nesting pan, and three months later, I was the delighted owner of 14 Gloster canaries.

My son believed he had the ideal gift for me when he appeared on the porch with two lutino cockatiels in a cage. Very lovely, though a little boisterous! When my neighbor saw the birds, she asked if I would drive her to the dealer to get a budgie, so there we went, and you guessed it, she got her budgie and I bought two pairs!

The goal was to increase procreation. A pair of rosa bourkes and a pair of turquoisines were added to the collection. The canaries kept producing, and the budgies came in second. The cockateils were less cooperative, and I later realized that I had two males, which explained their lack of inventiveness.

At this time, I went away on a Christian Listeners Tutors course and found myself in a ‘goldfish bowl’ position, where I sat in the center of the group and spoke. As I spoke and began to listen to myself, I recognized that my bird population was out of control and that something needed to be done. I chose to get rid of all the birds except the budgies while sitting on a chair in the center of a circle of 20 people. As soon as I came home, I put this into action by exchanging all of my birds for brilliantly colored budgies.

A skyblue clearwing was one of the newbies, and a buddy convinced me to enter it in a local Cage Bird Society Show. I arrived home with a trophy, much to my joy, and I was hooked on the show scene ever since. When I first began traveling to shows and looked at the exhibition stock, I had to grudgingly concede that my birds, with the exception of a couple that I had purchased from a pet store and had rings on them, were just not up to par, and I had to start over, purchasing in higher quality stock. I attempted to enhance the birds I already had, but this was a failed venture, and I was forced to sell all of my pet stock and focus on something better.

I became a member of the Budgerigar Society and tracked down the breeder who had supplied the pet store. He turned out to be a champion breeder named John Farnham, who subsequently provided me with invaluable assistance. He was an unusual breeder, so I began restocking with dark components like as clearwings and violets. I then obtained several clearbodies from Jeff Attwood, as well as a couple albinos and lutinos, and was on my way.

I no longer have the rares, despite my previous success with them. I’ve kept my albinos and violets. With the addition of spangles and dominating pieds, as well as a decent range of excellent normals, I am now pursuing the display route with some success.

So, if you have a sudden desire to purchase a canary, proceed with caution or you, too, may wind up with 250 budgerigars!

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