How Disability Affects My Life With Poppet

My life started with Poppet on September 16, 2007. I had always adored parrots and it was fantastic to suddenly have one of my own.

The day before I received Poppet, I was acting like a kid at Christmas; there was furniture being moved to make room for Poppet’s new “house,” which I would have to pick up if I came home with a baby, and there were lists of suitable names for either male or female.

So the day had arrived for Mum and I to pick up the new addition, and the night before I had prepared my old cockatiel cage to bring her home in. so we started out travelling to Salisbury, Wiltshire in the UK, we arrived and were welcomed in to see the babies there were two left to select from I am sort of pleased there were no more it was hard enough to choose as it was!. Mum and I had been watching these two for a while. Poppet was hesitant at first, hiding behind the other one until the pens and paper appeared on the table, at which point she came into her own and became quite lively, whilst the other was more reserved and preferred to observe what was going on.

We were left alone with them to see whether we/Mum could confidently capture them, which job fell to my Mum at least while we were at someone else’s home since I have cerebral palsy, only have use of one hand, and walk with a limp! My mother easily passed the capture the parrot exam, and I became the delighted adoptive father of a very cuddly twelve week old CAG.

We were home to drop little one (then without a name) home while I went to get her permanent home from the pet shop where my Mum works, we brought it home Poppet looking at us all the time as we struggled to put the cage together and fit it out with new toys food and water and we let her settle in peacefully, and thus began my new life with Poppet.
Poppet was quiet the first day, yet she was attentive to everything stated to her. When I initially let her out, she clung to me tightly, and when I first walked with her on my shoulder, I suppose she was perplexed since my condition leads me to move like a ship at sea! But she quickly got accustomed to it and learned that when I told her to “hang on tight,” she did. I assume she realised I was going to be on the go.

As with any kid, the first thing Poppet was taught was to step up, which she immediately took up on, which delighted me since it meant I had greater control, as having one good had has many problems, and a young CAG is simply a new one. Poppet and I had formed a strong link, and she was extremely nice toward my mother as well as everyone else who came to visit us; she is a very wonderful pet, one of my family, and is still kind to me.

At the moment Poppet has really bonded with my Mum and opts to sit on her given the chance I.E if Mum and I are in the same room, sometimes I don’t think Poppet sees me as a leader figure and sees more of a leader in my Mum which is a little upsetting I guess, but she is still friendly towards me just not very tactile, she watches me when I clean her cage and chatters away to me, I can only think it is my disability that doesn’t portray confidence.

She does be a little cocky, like jumping up on my arm when requested but then walking over to the other side; I suppose I do too, but I don’t show it!

As it stands, my Mum has more persuasion powers than I do, but I guess that is one of those things I still have and wouldn’t trade her for the world, she is still young and growing by leaps and bounds every day, she sounds like she is mimicking which is nice to hear her laugh like myself and natter away. I’m not sure what she’s saying yet, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out soon. I’m hoping that when she grows older, she will connect with me more, but until then, I’ll keep bonding with her as much as I can and try to get her conversing more.

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