How Can I Make My Lovebird Happy?

I had two lovebirds (brothers and sisters), and one of them died after 13 years. The other, a 14-year-old boy, seemed depressed. What should I do? Is it necessary to purchase another one to keep him company? If so, is it a young or elderly one? Will he welcome a new friend? Please assist me; I don’t want to lose him as well.

I’m really sad to hear of the death of one of your lovebirds. This is a heartbreaking loss for both people and birds, especially considering your lovebird was 13 years old.

The other lovebird is presumably upset because its companion is no longer present. Lovebirds have extremely close bonds with one another, and losing a companion is never easy, particularly when there are no other bird pals in the home. However, introducing a new lovebird into the group is not always a smart idea.

Because they were attached and know one another for long years, your lovebird misses the other. It is conceivable that a new lovebird may annoy your bird or that they will not get along. Just because two birds are lovebirds does not guarantee that they will like each other. Every bird has its own personality, and these personalities don’t always get along.

Spending more time with your bird may assist it in overcoming its melancholy. If your bird isn’t a hand-tamed pet, you may sit near the cage and communicate with it from a safe distance. This extra care may assist to alleviate the grief of losing a buddy. Purchase some new toys for your lovebird and introduce them to him or her. Having something to do with its time can also assist reactivate your lovebird. You may also alter or relocate the cage so that your lovebird is in a different environment.

I would not advocate adding another lovebird to the same cage. Older lovebirds (like yours) will either be grumpy or very tolerant of a new bird. The young chick may attempt to take advantage of the elder bird’s relaxed demeanor and begin pushing it about. Alternatively, the elder bird will be irritated by the newcomer and may attempt to harm it. Because lovebirds like the companionship of another bird, you may purchase another one and keep them in separate cages in the same room. That way, they can converse to each other without getting too near in case they need to fight. Of course, while contemplating this arrangement, the owner should truly WANT another bird. Otherwise, you will get resentful of the addition and the necessity to feed and clean another bird. This is not an ideal scenario.
Without the companionship of another bird, your lovebird CAN recover from the death of a buddy. And, if this is the finest arrangement for you, then assisting your bird’s suffering is unquestionably preferable to bringing another lovebird home.

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