Household Dangers for Parrots & Pet Birds

Health Hazards: Let’s start with your bird’s respiratory system. It’s rather distinctive, and it’s quite sensitive to many common household objects.

  • AIR FRESHENERS, SCENTED CANDLES, and HARSH CLEANERS are all bad for you and may kill you.
  • TEFLON—yep, I said Teflon, nonstick coatings of any type are very hazardous when used near your bird. It emits a gas that, believe it or not, may soon kill your bird. It’s time to acquire some stainless steel pans! Oh, and it’s not only in kitchenware! This substance may be found in coffee pot burners, stovetops, oven interiors, HAIRDRYERS, and even space heaters. I’m sure it’s not healthy for people either.
  • PERFUME—Avoid using it near your bird.
  • SMOKE—of any kind—is very damaging to your cat… If you smoke, avoid smoking near your bird and wash your hands before handling it; smoking is particularly sensitive to your bird’s skin and may cause it to gnaw or pull its own flesh and feathers off.
  • CAFFEINE, CHOCOLATE, AND ALCOHOL ARE NOT GOOD FOR YOUR BIRD…PERIOD. Polly should not be the center of attention during the party.
  • AVOCADO—Believe it or not, avocado is harmful; if you are unclear if something is healthy for your pet, do some research. Rhubarb is also poisonous… If you have any concerns, see your veterinarian.
  • FUMES FROM PAINT—or any other sort of fume… Don’t allow your bird to perish as a result of an oversight. Pesticides from lawn maintenance, smoke from burning leaves…these are the things that have killed innocent creatures… Don’t let yours be the next one.
  • DOG OR CAT SALIVA—whoa, big bacteria, hurry your bird to a vet for medications, it can’t wait, and the intensity of these contagious germs may kill a bird in 24 hours.
  • HOUSEPLANTS—Keep them away from your plants, which is a difficult task.
  • BAD DIET is the number one killer of your bird.
  • OTHER BIRDS—Bird marts and other locations where a bird’s health history is unknown may be quite harmful; many birds carry sickness and disease and you won’t even realize your bird has it until it’s too late.
  • BIRD ACTIVITIES—Keep your bird away from bird-related activities and establishments.
  • FLYING AWAY—Your bird loves you, but wings may transport them beyond your grasp. When your bird is outdoors, make sure he is wearing a leash or in a carrier; clipped wings do not ensure a bird cannot fly.

Harnesses are a lot of fun, and we’ll go over them later.

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