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Zoo-Max’s Birdy Plunk

The Birdy Plunk was invented by Zoo-Max Exotic of Quebec as a “educational toy capable of fostering the creativity of birds,” according to Bernard St.-Cyr, president and creator of Zoo-Max. Put a nut or other favorite reward inside the cylinder and watch your bird figure out how to get the item out.

“The original prototype only had a trigger on one side,” St.-Cyr said. “After that, we noticed that the birds enjoyed walking around the toy and tugging on the triggers, so the toy now has triggers all around.”

“Most customers who phoned us were amazed at how quickly their birds could accomplish the stunts,” St.-Cyr said. There are two sizes of the toy available. (450) 771-0556 Zoo-Max Exotics, LTD

KAYTEE’S Munchables

“Birds seek and search for food automatically,” explained Rich Bonkowski, pet goods manager for KAYTEE Products, Inc. The Munchables Shred-A-Box, which include honey seed snacks hidden in shreddable boxes, “are a delightful method to allow a pet bird uncover a hidden surprise to eat.” He also said that the goodie box has a good variety of nutrients. Budgies, cockatiels, and parrots may all enjoy munchables.

“Both customers and avian specialists have given us extremely excellent comments,” Bonkowski added. “They are grateful for a product that provides so many advantages to birds.” (800)-KAYTEE-1, KAYTEE Products, Inc.

LuckyBird’s Can O’Nuts

“The Can O’Nuts is manufactured from LuckyBird’s proprietary Bullet-ProofTM high-impact material, which is comparable to the substance used in the manufacturing of bullet-proof glass,” said Marina Popelka, LuckyBird Toys International’s sales manager. The cylinder-shaped toy can be filled with fresh nuts or other treat options and holds a plastic peanut. It is kept together by “deeply recessed screws” that the birds cannot reach. Birds must find out how to retrieve the treat without destroying the container due to the strong construction.

“Customers are surprised and delighted at the veracity of LuckyBird’s claims about the toy’s toughness,” Popelka said. The Can O’Nuts comes in two sizes to accommodate little and big birds. LuckyBird Toys International may be reached at (303) 477-6292.

Busy Beaks’ Fiesta Box

The Fiesta Box was inspired by Jan Graham, owner of Busy Beaks in Texas, and her own parrots. “We have many parrots who keep us busy with new and different ways to keep them busy,” she explained.

The Fiesta Box is made of shredded, colorful paper, cuttlebone, oyster shell, coconut fiber, bamboo, 100% cotton rope, vegetable-tanned leather pieces, and wood, and each box contains a surprise. Graham describes it as “a great foraging toy, and we make each one a little different so they’re always looking for the’surprise’ inside.” (915) 842-0663, Busy Beaks, LLC.

Frasier’s Goodie Gadget

Buz Frasier, a consulting engineer by trade, was taken aback when Honcho, his green-winged macaw, was able to open a child-proof top on an empty aspirin bottle. “He’s a natural,” Frasier said. As a result, Frasier set about creating mechanical toys that would both entertain and challenge pet parrots. One of these inventions was the Goodie Gadget. To retrieve the treat inside the stainless-steel container, the bird must unscrew the wing nut. The container moves around as the bird tries to open it, adding to the difficulty.

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