Greenwing (Red-and-green) Macaw as Pet

The green wing macaw bird can be obtained through exotic bird aviaries. Green-winged macaw breeders can tell a lot about their birds. Most Macaw Parrots live in the warm, Neotropical regions from Southern Mexico through Central America and down into Central South America. Different species will live in different locales within a country. 

These are very smart, large, colorful, loving and affectionate birds. Although they are highly intelligent, at home they can be destructive and noisy. If not correctly handled, they can even be very aggressive. If you have young children, you are not recommended to own these birds without much knowledge. 

The birds’ varied diet includes fruit, seeds, nectar and nuts, which they open with their strong beaks. These birds will often fly long distances in the search for ripe fruit and nuts. The birds kept at home should be provided a well-rounded diet. 

These are the largest members in the parrot family. There are seventeen species of these birds that can be found in the wild nowadays. Most of these parrots live in the warm, Neotropical regions from Southern Mexico through Central America and down into Central South America. 

If you want such a pet, you can buy it from any pet store or from a responsible aviculturist. Some parrots survive only in captivity thanks to enthusiasts. There are also a lot of color aberrations and hybrids of parrots, which vary in plumage greatly. 

Many species of parrots are endangered in the wild. For example of 30 species of macaw nine species are already extinct due to pet trade, habitat destruction and environmental pollution. Nowadays trading in caught parrots and their body parts is banned. 

Having originated from tropical forests, these parrots cannot stand cold climate. They need a large outdoor enclosure with an obligatory hiding place. These birds are very sociable and require a pair or much attention of the owner; otherwise they become aggressive. Read about the sign of parrot being angry.

Parrots of the genus Ara differ in size from 13 to 40 inches in length, including the tail, which comprises a half of the body. The wingspan of the largest parrots reaches up to 50 inches. Such giants require much space. Macaw bird cages are relatively expensive; photos of these birds are usually taken while it is in an aviary. Know more about outdoor aviary.

Macaws demand continual attention to stay happy; keep one alone in an empty aviary, and you will have one unhappy chick. These parrots are not the ideal pets for any family. Being very sociable, they require constant attention and mental stimulation. They are not great talkers and need motivation to learn several words. Large species require enough space in the enclosure. Learn how to entertain your bird.

There are about 30 species of these parrots. They are very popular as family pets for their beautiful iridescent plumage, which can be of any possible color, depending on the species. Their size varies from 13 to 40 inches in length.

The size of these birds varies from 13 to 40 inches in length, depending on the species. Some species of these beautiful birds are on the brink of extinction or have already become extinct due to habitat destruction and illegal pet trade. Some birds remain only in captivity. 

The prices for these parrots vary from $500 for small species to about $3000 for larger and brighter species. These birds are rather popular as pets for their beautiful plumage and ability to pronounce words. There are about 30 known species of these parrots. 

In the wild, these birds live in a wide variety of habitats, from tropical rainforests to arid regions, but they are normally found near rivers or streams. Before you buy a bird, make sure you are able to cope with the upkeep of this bird. The green wing macaw bird can be obtained through exotic bird aviaries.

These parrots are highly intelligent although they can be very destructive and they are very loud. They have a long life span. Therefore, it is a great responsibility to own one of these birds. But these birds can also be wonderful friends and great companion pets. 

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