Green Cheeked Conure Color Mutations (With Photos)

Pineapple Green Cheek Conure Parrot...
Pineapple Green Cheek Conure Parrot Information

There are many color mutations that may occur in green-cheeked conures. Normal, Cinnamon, Yellow-Sided, Pineapple, and Turquoise are the five primary color mutations that may take place. Every hue has its own unique set of characteristics.

Green Cheeked Conures are comparable to 2-year-old toddlers in that they demand a great deal of care and like being pampered. In addition to being protective of their owner/human “mother/father,” they are envious of other animals. My conure became really violent with my other birds (budgerigars) and other people, I strongly recommend you to check the bird compatibility at first. Upon reaching sexual maturity, they become even more possessive and jealous. If they are not given sufficient care, they may become destructive and very aggressive, even against the owner.

Conures are very long-lived — perhaps 25 to 30 years — so acquiring one would need significant time investment. Their squawks are quite loud and piercing. They are also playful little clowns, which contributes to their allure.

I adore conures. They are amusing, charming, affectionate, loyal, and extremely nice friends, but they need a great deal of emotional energy and care. You should note that Green Cheeked Conures’ prices varied from breeders and their colors.

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Normal Green-Cheeked Conure

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Normal Green-Cheeked Conures have dark green bodies with maroon-colored feathers on their tails. There is a touch of maroon and lime green in the breast region.

Cinnamon Green-Cheeked Conure

Cinnamon Green-Cheeked Conures are bright lime green in color, and their feathers have a lighter, almost white hue to them. The head is not dark like a normal since it is tan. When compared to the Normal, the color of the tail feathers is paler maroon.

Yellow-Sided Green-Cheeked Conure

Yellow-Sided Green-Cheeked Conures are distinguished by their black heads and vivid yellow and red breasts. Additionally, the feathers on the tail have a halo look to them.

Pineapple Green-Cheeked Conure

Pineapple Green-Cheeked Conures, also known as Cinnamons, seem like they have lime-green feathers on their backs and have a tan head with brightly colored breasts. The feathers on the back of the bird are identical to those of a Yellow-sided showing a halo appearance.

Turquoise Green-Cheeked Conure

Turquoise Green-Cheeked The bodies of conures are covered with feathers that range in color from blue-green to green. The feathers on the breast are a grayish color, while the feathers on the tail are gray.

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