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Is it true that parrots are as intelligent as some claim? So, have a look at my resume and make your own decision! Get your people to let us show them what we’re capable of.

Bradley Gizmo Baggins

Portfolio and Curriculum Vitae


Gizmo Baggins Bradley is his name.
9 years old.
Blue and gold macaws are two species.
Candie Bradley is the owner (National Parrot Behaviorist)
Lives with: 40 additional parrots of various kinds.


Gizmo is, or has been, the following:
I met Queen Elizabeth II.
Met the Prime Minister at Downing Street and 2000 people in Trafalgar Square for World Parrot Day, and was photographed by the world’s press.
Michaela Strachen, Nick Baker, Rolf Harris, Quentin Blake, and Genaro were among others I collaborated with.
Test Your Pets (both series) and Kids Programs were filmed for the BBC.
Several times filmed for Animal Planet.
Is the feathery Ambassador of the World Parrot Trust Organization.
Honorary member of the Royal Navy, the Automobile Association, and ROSPA.
He has his own vehicle, JCB, skateboard, and train.
I collaborated with VOLVO on the Pirates of the Caribbean marketing.
Was honored as a guest of honor at the Cathedral’s Animal Service.
Started the first Parrot Sanctuary in a maximum-security prison.
Visits hospitalized children and adults.
Specsavers opened a new location.
Works with the RSPCA, PDSA, WHAC, and Petback animal organizations.
He owns a Parrot Club.
Assists civic figures with public relations and news events.
Isn’t bothered by lights, cameras, reporters, or crowds (in fact, he enjoys posing for photos!).
She enjoys working with kids of all ages.
Fundraises for other charities.
Attends presentations at universities, schools, scout organizations, and OAP homes, among other places.
Attended the Caribbean Carnival as a special guest and performed on stage.
I worked on JCB’s huge equipment.
Royal Crown Derby used my assistance to launch their Parrot line.
Helps to educate trainees about parrot care and upkeep.
Is the Executive Director of Parrotaid, a parrot rescue facility.
Many fetes, exhibitions, animal activities, and corporate launches have been launched.
Has given over 250 news interviews.
Loves riding on fire engines with all the horns and flashing lights on!
He enjoys riding motorcycles!

In my situation, the proverb should be “Behind every great man is a great woman,” not “Behind every great man is a great woman.” Strange as it may seem coming from a female, but I know my position, and that is as the mobile perch for my magnificent Blue and Gold Macaw Gizmo! I don’t mind being his mode of transportation, unpaid Taxi driver, PR, Admin Assistant, and any other general factotum that he may need, since he is an outstanding Parrot, a delight to keep, and a wonderful Ambassador for the Avian world. Although, as his assistant, life may be extremely frantic at times, as it has been in recent weeks!

Test Your Pet.

Those of you who follow animal-related TV shows would have no doubt seen BBC “Test Your Pet,” a programme that tested the country and their pets to determine which animal was the smartest pet. Yes, Gizmo was invited, as were my Green Wings, Sir Morris and Lady Cluck, Squeaky Sid, Galah, and my baby Meyer, Izzy-Wizzy. We were supposed to create two shows, one for Adult audiences on Saturday, May 8th, and one for CBBC on Friday, May 7th, 2004.

On Thursday, May 6th, we drove down to London, arriving at the BBC studios at 9.30 a.m. to begin rehearsals. We met other folks who had cats, dogs, bunnies, horses, and the show’s headliners, Rolf Harris and Kate Humble. That’s when the fun began!

The cameras, lighting, and all of the people engaged in the presentation captivated the parrots. Squeaky Sid kept Steve, my husband, on his toes by constantly “escapeing” and wreaking havoc, with camera and sound engineers constantly having to leap over a pink and grey mischievous parrot who insisted on running around, squealing in delight, getting tangled up in the studio floor wiring, and shouting “I’m on a mission”! We eventually determined that Sid had to be restricted to his carrier, partially for Sid’s protection and partly for the Studio staff’s sanity!

Cluck and Morris, on the other hand, were completely relaxed and achieved relative calm merely by grinding their large beaks and flashing their renowned frightening glare at everyone within 3 feet. (No one realized Morris, in particular, had changed into a true pussy cat!). When things became too much for Izzy-Wizzy, he just climbed into his deck chair and fell asleep.

We soon reached a point of limiting output, and the live audience was allowed at 7 p.m. The program was taped with the aid of the crowd, however the shouts of Morris and Cluck exclaiming “Alright and Hello” could be heard by those with excellent hearing. Gizmo was his normal flawless self, taking everything in stride and acting like a total Casanova with Kate Humble, insisting on kissing her at frequent intervals! We finally departed the studios around 10 p.m. Thank god the BBC supplied us with our own dressing room, where I could escape to save my sanity! One little detail: I had to go into make-up before the real taping, and when the show aired, the make-up artists did such an outstanding job that a buddy of mine could not identify me!

We had a reservation at the Novotel hotel and arrived at 10.30 p.m. after getting lost. Consider reserving a room with 5 parrots and 2 extremely exhausted, filthy, and parrot poo-covered visitors! The hotel personnel was fantastic; they never turned a hair and took us to our rooms respectfully. The parrots were hungry and, fortunately, exhausted. We all fell asleep in bed, Cluck and Morris murmuring “Like it, like it,” and me wondering, “Why do I do this?”

The CBBC episode included Michaela Strachen, chef James Martin, Nick Baker, and animal behaviorist Colette. This turned out to be a lot of fun. Steve Thompson, his dog, and numerous youngsters joined us in the studios, and everything was going swimmingly until the chef started preparing for the parrots. Gizmo became intrigued and wanted to assist James in the production of the parrot food! He attempted to assist James and was eager to test the meals that the Chef had devised! During rehearsals, Squeaky Sid did an excellent job, but when we went live, he chose to flee the stage, leaving Michaela and I speechless; thankfully, Izzy-Wizzy remained and came to our rescue. What can I say about his lordship, Gizmo? Michaela and Gizmo were friends immediately away. All he wanted to do was kiss her whenever he could! He clearly has a thing for gorgeous ladies!

We returned home at 8 p.m., fatigued and drained but delighted that we had contributed to a superb show. We put the parrots to sleep, and the last thing we heard was Gizmo mumbling “Michaela” and Morris exclaiming “Like it, like it!”

Suffice it to say, we’ve been asked back for a future series!

World Parrot Day.

Then we were invited to the World Parrot Trust’s “World Parrot Day,” which was celebrated on May 1, 2004, a bank holiday. We had been asked to join some members of the “World Parrot Trust” on their journey to London to submit a 32,000-strong petition to Tony Blair, Prime Minister, at No 10 Downing Street, demanding for a ban on the importing of wild captured parrots. Mike Reynolds, the Trust’s Chairman, Alan Jones, one of the finest UK Avian Vets, Quentin Blake, the children’s Poet Lariat, Nigella, a wild captured parrot, and numerous WPT friends were in attendance. We brought Sir Morris, Lady Cluck, Gizmo, and Izzy-Wizzy with us.

We all travelled on a specially chartered London tour bus through the center of London. Gizmo and Steve, Morris, Cluck, Izzy-Wizzy, myself, Sue Smedley, Graham Reeve, and Norma Hickman, three of my friends, joined us, as did Ginaro, the world-renowned chef, and other pet parrots and their owners. I was astounded by how many people knew Gizmo, how many TV camera teams followed the bus, and how many people from all walks of life and all countries came out to support us in our cause. We ultimately arrived to Trafalgar Square, where an estimated 1500 people, including members of the international press, had congregated. When the bus arrived, we brought the parrots out to greet everyone. Morris has again accomplished the pinnacle in parrot psychology by commandeering the cameras, this time with Gizmo accompanying Quentin Blake and Cluck! Morris even grabbed a little banner that said “Born to be Wild” and refused to let go; needless to say, this photo subsequently emerged on most global media websites and in the world’s press, resulting in Cluck and Morris appearing on the top page of the Guardian!

As for Gizmo, well he proved to be the star of the day.

He really accompanied Quentin Blake and delivered the petition to No. 10 Downing Street! He was mortified, however, when the international press saw me, his “Mum” sobbing excessively as he re-entered No. 10. (I was really pleased with him!!)

Furthermore, numerous youngsters were waving banners that said, “Gizmo believes extinction stinks!”
After all, Gizmo was the voice of all those innocent parrots who had been torn from their natural surroundings due to man’s avarice. On that particular day, he was their voice; he was their opportunity to speak out.

I only hope that our contribution to World Parrot Day encourages the government to implement a restriction on the import of wild-caught parrots.

The United States has outlawed this heinous practice.
Let us hope that our administration exhibits the same kind of bravery.

Gizmo has been in high demand since these events to attend at events, open performances, accompany me on lectures, and make guest appearances. He has been on television, in publications, and has been scheduled for future guest appearances.

All I have to do is hold back the tears, tears of pride, tears of pleasure, tears of love for a man bird, under which is a proud and emotional woman who loves him more than words can ever express and who is more than happy to be his “Mobile perch!”

After all, as the old adage goes,

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