Getting A New Cage For My Cockatiel, Goldie

I was looking for a new bird cage for my cockatiel. It had to be larger and more elegant, with a play area on top. I checked the internet and discovered several Bird Cage shops. The selection was excellent, but the pricing were exorbitant. But an excellent house for my bird was well worth the investment.

After many weeks of online and in-person investigation, I decided to check out I ran a search for “bird cages” and was blown away by the variety and affordable costs.

My dilemma: can I rely on the vendor and the product description? What if my bird disliked the cage?

I bought a bird cage for my cockatiel last year, and she didn’t enjoy it. She pleaded to be let out of that cage for days before I eventually let her back in. So why would she want a bigger cage from an eBay store? I just had to take a risk and ask the vendor my questions, and I was pleased with my responses. Of course, I made certain that the cage bars and dimensions were acceptable for my cockatiel. Actually, the cage is designed for two or more cockatiels, so I knew she’d like the additional space. Finally, I made my purchase.

I paid using my PayPal account, and my birds palace arrived three days later. I was overjoyed! It was now time to put the food trays, toys, and perches inside the cage. For my kid, I felt like a genuine interior designer.

I waited till the morning to expose my Goldie to her new surroundings. To my astonishment, she jumped from my arm and entered the new cage with no difficulty. She must have felt as though she were being moved into a new luxurious house! New toys, ladders, and mirrors, oh my! Her feathers fluffed up with enthusiasm! She rushed up the ladder, climbed to the top, and began playing with a new toy. Goldie surprised me by rejecting her first new cage.

As you may guess, her mother was overjoyed!

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