Funny Talking Parrot Jokes

9 Funny Parrot Stories You Won'...
9 Funny Parrot Stories You Won't Believe

One evening, a burglar broke into the home of a family just as they were leaving for church. He was searching the upper floors when he heard a voice say, “Jesus is watching you!”

He crept downstairs, fearful that the family might arrive early. He kept seeking treasures when he didn’t see anybody. He heard the voice again while plundering the silver cabinet.

“Jesus is watching you!” says someone from behind him.

With his pulse pumping, he flung his arms in the air and whirled around. But no one was present… With the exception of a little green parrot in a cage.

The relieved thief grinned and said: “Hello, birdie! Let me make a guess! My name is Jesus.”

“Bwak… No,” the bird said, “my name is Moses.”

“Moses?!?” said the thief. “What type of crazy people name their bird Moses?”

“Bwak… The same kooky people who called their dog ‘Jesus.'”

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