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Little has been published on bird nutrition, and it is usually necessary to depend on the expertise of others to develop familiarity with your birds’ needs.

SEEDS IN THE WILD Many wild seeds, such as rye grass and clovers, may not have many additional features from more common seeds and plants, but a consistent supply of seeding grasses and greens should be accessible at all times.

BLACKBERRY has astringent properties and functions as an interior cleaner. It has a stomach tonic effect. When fully ripe, it is a great color food. Weight for weight, the vitamin C content is comparable to that of an orange.

CHICKWEED is safe to use at any stage of development. It is a favorite of most hens who feed nestlings. The plant is high in crucial compounds, which are necessary for excellent health.

DANDELION It’s a great tonic meal that’s rich in calcium, iron, manganese, chlorine, sulfur, and phosphorus. Both the seed and the roots should be consumed since they have a tonic effect on the heart and spleen. Crushing the roots yields the juice, which should be put to the water once a week. 250 gms washed root mashed with a little water should be combined with 1 litre of water. Remove within one day since it will ferment if left for longer, particularly in hot conditions.

DOCK Feed the leaves when they are mature or green. Because the seed contains around 20% oil, it is an excellent winter snack for maintaining body heat. It has bowel laxative properties.

When consumed, ELDERBERRY is an excellent color food.

GROUNDSEL is a green meal that enhances the activities of the liver and kidneys.

LETTUCE SEED is utilized to remove excess fat and has a purgative effect. It has a cooling impact on the blood and is high in iron and phosphorus.

LINSEED Should be used during the moult to impart gloss and luster to the new feathers. It is good to the respiratory system and digestive issues. It has a 40% oil content.

MEADOW GRASS (annual) is a favorite of all seed-eating birds and is high in vitamins.

MUSTARD (WHITE) is strong in protein and fat. It should not be administered in hot weather since it is quite hot.

NIGER includes about 40% oil, which aids in the prevention of egg binding. Can be fed freely without causing damage.

MAW SEED is a poppy seed that contains no drugs and has no narcotic characteristics. This seed’s oil is comparable to olive oil and may be used to treat diarrhoea. It’s simple to digest, nutritious and soothing, and a great conditioning meal. The oil content of the seed is around 37%.

PLANTAIN, sometimes known as Rats Tail, is a very nutritious and beneficial therapeutic food. Copper content provides robust, beautiful plumage following moulting. It is readily cultivated and may be seen growing on the sides of highways and in paddocks.

PRIVET is a popular shrub growing in aviaries, and the fruit is very useful to the birds who consume it. It is a color meal that generates a deeper toned color. The berries may be crushed and sprinkled over soft foods or mixed with water. A word of caution: some of the newer types are dangerous, so do your research before utilizing this plant.

RAPE is a potent seed that should be handled with caution since it induces diarrhoea. It is advisable to scald the seed and completely dry it. Rape should have a moderate flavor and a pleasant aroma. It is high in magnesium, potassium, calcium, and phosphorus. Depending on the season, it contains 20-40% oil.

RYEGRASS The green seeds are very nutritious and offer a good source of green nourishment.

SHEPHERD’S PURSE may be cultivated in an aviary and has a 12-20% oil content. It has a warming effect and is stimulating to the stomach.

SUNFLOWER is often used in parrot diet, but it may also be crushed and given to finches. It is high in oil and might cause fatty development in the stomach region. Approximately 40% oil content

MILLET & CANARY SEED These have been left out of the article since they are a basic diet meal that should always be provided.

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