Feather Plucking : A Major Problem For The African Grey Parrot

Feather plucking is a particularly bad behaviour of the African grey parrot. They are well-known feather pluckers. When it comes to feather plucking, it is believed that Timneh African Grey Parrots are not as severe as Congo African Grey Parrots. However, this is not a verified reality.

First and foremost, each parrot caretaker should consider why parrots remove their feathers. There are several explanations for this heinous practise. The African grey parrot is a parrot that requires a lot of care from its human owner. If this does not occur, the bird will most likely get bored, which may lead to feather plucking. But trust me when I say that this feather plucking issue is very intricate and difficult to address. There have been reports of African greys plucking their feathers in response to too much attention. So you simply don’t know what to do with your bird. Feather plucking may also be caused by dietary imbalances or environmental issues. Some environmental issues might include excessive smocking in the parrot’s room or keeping him in an area with dry air. It is also advised that African grey parrots have frequent bathing or be exposed to wet air. The African grey parrots should not be subjected to any frightening events, since this might lead to feather plucking.

If this terrible habit arises in your bird’s regular activity, you should contact a veterinarian right once. He’ll most likely attempt to come up with a physical explanation for the bird’s condition. It’s advisable to attempt to grasp what the veterinarian says and come up with some solutions to the situation. The African grey parrot has been demonstrated to be the most intellectual bird. His superior intelligence, along with potential wrong early socialisation at the breeders and failure to grasp the bird’s intellectual demands when it becomes a companion parrot, sometimes leads to neurotic tendencies like plucking.

Timnehs african grey parrots pull their feathers less often than Congo african grey parrots. This might be due to the fact that they were not as well-known as the Congo African parrot. They weren’t as licked as the congo because of their duller colouring.

In conclusion, feather plucking is a serious issue for african grey parrots since they are tough to care for.

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