Dangers In The Home

Pet birds and children:

Young children should not have birds as pets. Please think twice before acquiring a bird for a young kid. A small kid may not be able to properly handle a bird. Children who are too young cannot grasp the need of delicate, respectful treatment, which may swiftly lead to catastrophe. An adult should constantly be there for supervision and direction, as well as to ensure that the bird’s requirements are satisfied with fresh food, water, and a clean cage, among other things.

Cats and dogs:

Never let your bird alone with a dog or cat. Place them in a different room with a closed door. They might topple the cage and frighten your bird, or they can scratch or even kill the bird. If you believe your bird has been bitten or scratched by a cat or a dog, you must take him or her to an avian veterinarian right away. Dogs and cats transmit germs that are hazardous to birds in their mouths and claws. If a bird is scratched or bitten by a cat or dog and is not immediately brought to an avian veterinarian for treatment, your bird may be at danger of a fatal infection or may have internal problems.

Human medications:

Human drugs, even ones that seem to be harmless, such as aspirin, Tylenol, or vitamins, may poison your bird. Antibiotics, mite sprays, and feather-picking “remedies” are all common bird goods that should be avoided. Before feeding your bird any health product, consult with your avian veterinarian.

Second hand tobacco smoke:

Tobacco smoke is harmful to everyone, even dogs. Tobacco smoke, according to avian vets, may cause persistent eye difficulties, skin irritation, and respiratory disorders like as coughing, sneezing, and sinusitis. When a bird stands on a smoker’s hand, nicotine from the smoker’s fingers may be absorbed by the skin of the bird’s feet, causing contact dermatitis. Tobacco smoke, according to some veterinarians, may be a role in feather plucking.
Please do not smoke around your birds or allow others to smoke near them. If you smoke, carefully wash your hands before handling your birds.

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