Conure Basic Care – The Essential Rules of Conure Care

When it comes to the parrot family, my particular favourite is the sun conure. Sun conures are noted for their beautiful colour plumage, their exceptional intellect, and their lively and loving attitude. If you take the time to research and understand the fundamental sun conure care procedures discussed in this article, a sun conure parrot may make an excellent companion for the whole family.

Basic Sun Conure Care begins with understanding your bird and some basic sun conure facts. To begin with, the sun conure parrot is just around a foot long from head to tail. They have a huge head with a black beak, and their plumage is brightly coloured with yellows, oranges, and greens. It is a stunning bird that demands meticulous care and upkeep.

Bathing Sun Conures

Sun conures like bathing and will bathe in their own water bowl if you do not supply a bathing dish. Another option for bathing sun conures is to shower them with a light mist from a water bottle, which they will eventually like!

Sun Conure Cage

The sun conure cage needs are next on our list of sun conure care requirements. I would recommend a tiny cage that is no more than 20 inches long, 20 inches wide, and 22-24 inches high. Include several perches and lots of toys within the cage. Yes, sun conure birds like playing with toys, so make sure you hang several nooks and chewable toys for your bird to enjoy.

Sun Conure Diet

The sun conure diet is one of the most critical parts of fundamental sun conure maintenance. A decent basic pellet diet is an excellent place to begin. They will, however, benefit from reinforced parrot seed as well. A nutritious sun conure diet contains not just pellets and seeds, but also lots of fruits and vegetables. Just don’t feed your sun conure avocado, iceberg lettuce, cabbage, or parsley. These foods are toxic to your sun conure bird, therefore avoid them at all costs.

Training Sun Conures

Sun conure parrots, as previously said, are very clever birds. Words cannot express how clever these tiny birds are. They like playing and being held by their owners, and they are eager to learn new skills and even how to communicate. Despite their adorable squeaky voice, it’s astonishing how quickly a sun conure bird can be taught to talk. They absolutely like doing their newly learned tricks for their owners as long as you reward them with a gift every time they execute a trick successfully. Spending roughly 15 minutes every day with your sun conure bird, teaching them phrases and tricks, will undoubtedly make your sun conure happy.

Keep in Mind

While these are the most important techniques of keeping a sun conure bird healthy and happy, there are hundreds of tips and tricks that have been created over the years by skilled sun conure parrot owners and trainers whose knowledge in sun conure care is second to none.

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