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“I’ll lend you a bird for a while.” God said.

For you to love him while he is alive and grieve him when he dies. Perhaps twelve or fourteen years, or perhaps two or three. But, until I call him back, would you look after him for me?

He’ll bring his charms to make you happy, even if his visit is short. You’ll always have his memories to comfort you in your loss. I can’t guarantee he’ll remain since everyone from Earth returns. However, there are lessons provided below that I would want this bird to learn.

I’ve searched the whole globe for genuine tutors. And I picked you from among the people that populate life’s country. Will you now offer him all your love, or will you believe his labor was in vain, or will you detest me when I come to collect my precious bird again?

I thought I heard them say, “For all the delights this bird will bring, and the chance of heartbreak you’ll face.” Will you protect him tenderly? Will you adore him while you still can? And for the delight you’ll never forget, would you stay? Should I, however, contact him back much sooner than you had planned? Please try to comprehend despite the deep sadness that comes with it. If you’ve managed to fulfill my desires via your affection. Be grateful, not sad, in remembrance of the man you loved.

Enjoy every second of your feathery charge. When he was alive, he filled your house with joyful melodies. Don’t let his death deprive you of those memories.

“I will lend you a Bird,” God said, and all you have to do is train him. And when I summon him back to paradise, you’ll know he loved you as well.

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