Cockatoo care guide

The cockatoo family is a big group of parrots found on the Australian continent. Pet birds vary in size from the little Goffin’s to the enormous Mollucan or Salmon-crested cockatoo. The appearance of the many cockatoos varies greatly, from the all-white Goffin’s to the spectacular Black Palm with a splash of crimson between the eye and beak. The rose-breasted cockatoo, commonly known as the Galah cockatoo, is one of my favorite cockatoo species. I recall my first encounter with one of these birds. I couldn’t believe how silky its gorgeous light grey and pink feathering was. Although the rose-breasted cockatoo belongs to the genus Eolophus, it is remarkably similar to the species Cacatua, which is most often associated with the word “cockatoo.”

The rose-breasted cockatoo is somewhat bigger than the Goffins, measuring around 12 inches in length. They have the usual crest on top of the head, which they fluff up when aroused, but it is heavier than on many other cockatoo species.

The diet of all cockatoo species is very significant. They, like cockatiels and budgerigars, are prone to fatty tumors and hence need a well-balanced diet that is low in fat. It is preferable to minimize their consumption of fatty seeds like sunflower, however you may offer them as a treat on occasion. It is critical to encourage these birds to consume vegetables and grains in order for them not to overdo seeds.

The majority of cockatoo species like chewing. As a result, keep this in mind while shopping for toys. Make sure they have enough wood to chew on, and don’t allow your furniture become their favorite chew toy.

Another consideration when adopting a cockatoo as a pet is that, like cockatiels, these species create a powder that they use to clean their feathers. People who are sensitive to animals may find this powder annoying. Many parrot species do not generate this powder, thus anybody who suffers from allergies should avoid keeping a cockatoo as a pet.

These parrots nest in tree hollows in the wild. Unfortunately, they are often exterminated as pests in Australia by farmers who do not want them to attack their crops. While they are not regarded especially endangered in Australia at the moment, they are not as common as many other cockatoo species as pets. They are usually extremely costly, and they need a very big cage to receive enough activity, which is another approach to lose weight and prevent fatty tumors. Rose-breasted cockatoos can be trained to imitate, although they are not renowned to be good talkers. Hand-fed infants that have been properly socialized may be quite kind and lovely. They might grow rather shy if not handled on a regular basis. They, like other parrots, are flock animals by nature and need a central location in the house where they can connect with their human family.

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