Cockatoo Rescue Shelters

Check out Cockatoo rescue shelters if you’re seeking for a pet bird. These groups work hard to find homes for unwanted birds.

People bring their birds to these shelters for a variety of reasons. Most of the time, people just do not know how to manage these birds. They are very clever and demanding. They may quickly become spoilt or violent if the owner does not grasp their temperament.

When we were running our aviary, we were often requested to take in these birds. There aren’t many Cockatoo rescue shelters in our state, but we never turn away a bird in need. Their backstories and stories are usually fascinating.

We took in an Umbrella Cockatoo called Abby in one example. This bird was first sold to an elderly woman who had never had a bird before. She just couldn’t stand the birds’ incessant shrieking and aggression after two years. She sent the bird to one of the bigger pet shops so it might find a new home.

Unfortunately, many pet retailers do not specialise in Cockatoo rescue. They are in the money-making industry. As a result, they sold Abby to the first client who expressed interest in the bird…for $1100.

When this individual returned home, he realised his error. Within a few hours, the bird had become fairly hostile. When the guy passed the case, Abby sprang on his back and bit him hard. The dad had two children, and having an aggressive bird in the home was not something he had planned. The pet shop refused to refund his money (but would take the bird back for free to “adopt” him out again). He was prepared to let the bird fly away when his veterinarian persuaded him to give him over to us.

What an eventful day that was. While my wife was in the kitchen, Abby sprang out of the cage and marched into the kitchen, wings extended and beak wide open… and lunged towards her. He whacked her shoe with her beak, glanced up, and waited for my wife’s inevitable expression of total terror. Nothing! She was simply standing there!

We had already deduced Abby’s plan. He wanted to prove who was in charge…but my wife was not willing to play that game. The bird calmed down and grew extremely friendly over time. We gave it to another family, and Abby is a success story! He discovered a new family that understood him.

Lesson learned…when searching for a Cockatoo rescue facility, seek for someone that is willing to work with the bird rather than just making a fast buck. Many Cockatoo rescue shelters are nothing more than breeding operations hunting for animals to mate with and profit from the offspring. They do not “sell” the birds, but may request a payment to assist them continue their animal-related activities. Look for organisations with the 501c3 designation (and can prove it). If they are not identified as a non-profit organisation, look closely at their qualifications, references, and bird housing.

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