Indeed, we must use extreme caution… Using any one of a number of products that are easily accessible, cages can be cleaned without risk. Poop Off(tm) and California Cage Cleaner are both excellent products for cleaning up droppings, but in order to disinfect the cage, we need to use something that will not hurt the cage while also eliminating harmful bacteria and toxins. Two of the most recommended items are the Oxyfresh washing Gel and the Oxyfresh disinfectant spray. You should use these products once a month to give the entire enclosure a thorough cleaning and disinfecting, and you should use them once a week to clean the perches, cage sides, and grates. At the very least, their enclosure should be cleaned once each week, and many people find that a solution of vinegar or soap and water works best for this task. Rinsing is one of the most essential steps in the cleaning and disinfecting process, and it is essential that you are aware of this fact no matter what cleaning or disinfecting product you use. Before putting your bird back in its cage, make sure that it has been thoroughly rinsed and dried in the sun or by using a towel. Chemical buildup can result in a more dangerous scenario than the birds’ natural germs. Apple cider vinegar is put to use in a variety of applications today, one of which is cleaning. For more information on the diverse applications of this fantastic, all-natural product, check out the article located at PLEASE take your bird out of the cage before cleaning it, regardless of the cleaning product you use or what it says on the label of the product you use. Cleaning and invading their territory is a stressful time for them….also, I can’t image taking the danger that the bird would “get into” whatever you are cleaning with because it is a stressful time for both of you. …… Toys should be switched out on a weekly basis, and they can be cleaned by first being submerged in water containing a mild detergent for five minutes, followed by submersion in clean water for half an hour, and then being rinsed well. If you are fortunate enough to have a rack on your cage stand, you can lay a clean towel out on the rack and allow the toys to air dry in a bright, warm place (ideally the same area where your bird is!). If you are not so fortunate, you will need to find another location. The sun’s rays are an excellent and all-natural disinfectant. Be wary of using any product that advertises itself as antibacterial, as these products include potentially harmful compounds that may not be totally removed by rinsing. It is recommended that you clean your toys with Oxyfresh Gel!

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