Can You Buy Fertilized Parrot Eggs For Hatching?

The short answer is YES. However, I will want you to go through the following IMPORTANT reminders before buying fertilized parrot eggs for hatching.

What To Consider Before Buying Parrot Eggs?

  • Check the hatch rate of the breeding facility. A hatch rate of 98% successful and a hatch ratio of 1:1 on all eggs shipped will mean a good number.
  • There should be a 100% guarantee on all eggs shipped and a 100% refund for any cracked or unhatched eggs.
  • The eggs should be shipped with heat packs to keep the eggs warm throughout the hatching period.
  • A closed facility means that NO birds are purchased for reselling in the breeding facility, also no one enters the breeding area of the farm. It is important as people can bring many diseases to birds. All breeding birds must go through a rigorous medical testing procedure before ever setting foot or feather into any of the breeding units.
  • Bird babies should be incubator hatched and handfed from day one. 
  • Alpha Genesis 3000rc incubators are without a doubt the most sophisticated incubation units in the world. With total computer integration, you will be able to monitor oxygen and CO2 levels in the egg chamber, control turning variances, control cooling cycles simulating females leaving for feeding, etc.
  • You need to stay open-minded and be prepared to learn because knowledge is needed to grow the chicks until they are fully feathered.
  • Before ordering, you will need this information ready: how many eggs you will like to order and which species of parrot eggs, your name, address, city, state, zip code, phone number and the nearest airport to your location.

Parrot Egg Prices

The exact price depends on the breeder, please take the price below only as a reference:

  • Congo African grey egg $40
  • Timneh African grey egg $40
  • Solomons island Eclectus egg $35
  • Black Palm cockatoo egg $50
  • Umbrela cockatoo egg $35
  • Moluccan cockatoo egg $35
  • Goffin cockatoo egg $35
  • Rose breasted cockatoo egg $35
  • Military macaw egg $40
  • Hyacinth macaw egg $50
  • Greenwing macaw egg $40
  • Blue & gold macaw egg $40
  • Blue Billed toucan egg $50
  • Green Billed toucan egg $50
  • Red naped amazon egg $25
  • Scarlet macaw egg $45
  • Catalina macaw egg $40
  • Yellow nape egg $40
  • Hahn’s macaw egg $35
  • Blue fronted amazon egg $35
  • Toco toucan egg $90
  • Swison toucan $80
  • Quakers egg $30
  • Lovebird eggs $25
  • Sun conure eggs $30
  • Double yellow headed amazon egg $35

Parrot Eggs Incubation Timetable:

  • Amazons 98.3 – 98.6ºF  24 – 29 Days
  • Macaws 98.3 – 98.6ºF  26 – 28 Days
  • Love Birds 98.3 – 98.6ºF  22 – 24 Days
  • African Grey 98.3 – 98.6ºF  28 days
  • Eclectus 98.3 – 98.6ºF  28 days

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