Can I Catch Bird Disease


Hello, may I ask another question? Is it true that I got my bird from a pet shop and they informed me the breeder they acquire their birds from is extremely excellent because in 15 years of working with him, they have never had a sick bird? So, if I have a healthy bird as a pet, can I get bird illness from her? And yes, she comes outside with me every day; she spends most of the day strolling about the lawn and loves to sit up on the wild bird food dish I have outside for the birds. Is it okay for her to eat from the wild bird dish as well, or will she acquire bird flu?
Mosbey Kim


You can never be certain that you won’t get anything from your pet bird if it was exposed to or harboured an illness that humans may contract.

Many infections are airborne, and you may get it from someone who owns an infected bird merely by walking to the grocery store. I’m more concerned about bringing anything back from the local pet shop and infecting my birds.

Allowing the pet bird to go outdoors increases the likelihood of getting anything that wild birds carry. Histoplasmosis is one of the most frequent wild bird diseases that humans may get; here is a link to further information on the disease: g.htm

I also provide another link to my customers who are worried about their pet birds contracting anything. facts.php

Because I was hospitalised for histoplasmosis, my doctor failed to diagnose me for over a week. That sickness will only react to one kind of antibiotic, and if not treated properly, it might be lethal to people.

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