If you know what you want in a cage, it will be easier to choose the right one for you. The issue arises when you go to your local pet shop and he has a lot to give. The common opinion is to get the biggest cage you can afford, as a parrot cage is one of the most significant investments you can make. The bigger the cage, the more content the bird is.
If you are unsure what you are searching for, you might seek guidance from the pet store owner. If they know anything about bird keeping, they will not allow you purchase a cage that is completely inappropriate for the size of bird you have.

When selecting and purchasing a cage, there are several variables to consider. The larger the better, but you may not be able to purchase the cage of your dreams. The greatest advise I can provide is to give this some serious thought. Would you prefer a cramped stuffy cage with limited space to roam if you had to be kept in one? I don’t think so. Your feathery companion need space to roam about, exercise, and easily flap his wings.

If you are unable to offer this for your parrot, you should reconsider whether you should have one at all.

Your parrot is completely reliant on you; please give Him/Her with the greatest living circumstances available.

Another consideration is the design of the cage. It is often assumed that a square or rectangular cage is preferable over a spherical one. Your bird will be more secure in a square cage. A spherical cage will stress your bird since he will always be on the lookout for possible predators, but a square cage may be placed in a corner or against a wall. This implies that one or both sides are shielded by a wall, which your Parrot will love.

Most cages have a detachable grid at the bottom of the cage. Some people choose to remove this and let their birds scavenge for tit pieces in the bottom of the cage. Personally, I would not delete it.
Your bird should not be exposed to faeces or any food waste that has fallen to the bottom of the cage. It is unsanitary for both your bird and you.

The open-top cage above will offer your bird a feeling of freedom.

Cages come in a variety of forms and sizes, as well as prices. Always browse around at different pet stores, ideally those that specialise in birds. The internet is also an excellent location to shop for cages; I’ve discovered that most goods are cheaper to purchase online, and I’ve personally bought several items from various online birdie stores. A comprehensive selection of cage accessories may also be purchased from trustworthy internet retailers. It may be a good idea to look at the goods at a pet store before purchasing on the internet so that you can see what you are purchasing for yourself.

You will also need to purchase perches, which are available in a variety of materials such as concrete, acrylic, wooden dowel, java wood, and sandy.

It is critical that the cage have at least one decent Sandy or Concrete perch. This aids in the maintenance of the nails and beak.

Because of their size and general and energetic behaviour, Macaws, particularly African Greys, need a lot of space. If they are confined to a limited place, they may grow dissatisfied and begin feather plucking ( Self Mutilation).

A Stainless Steel Cage is the chosen material for making a cage. Toxins found in certain metals should be avoided at all costs.

Be aware that zinc is poisonous to birds.

Always give your new cage a thorough cleaning; you never know what chemicals were used to clean it before.

Another consideration when purchasing a cage is to choose one with a large aperture at the top of the cage as well as the front. This aperture (Door) aspires to be far larger than the bird itself. This is to prevent the bird from catching itself on any elements of the door that might damage your bird, such as sharp edges.

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