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You probably already know that the problem with aviculture is that there is never enough space for it. You might want to try constructing your own buildings if you find that you need extra space for things like indoor aviaries and flights, storage, greenhouses, storefronts, garden sheds, and so on. A little location where you can sell your oversupply of organic food and herbs? Do you have a workshop where you may create toys or paint portraits of your birds?

Using computer-aided design (CAD) software or actual CAD programs to design your structure is one of your options. Punch! There are several programs available from Software that will astound you with their simplicity of use, their powers, and their cost.

The previous year, I decided to get Super Home Suite and use it to redesign my modular home before having it constructed. There is a 3D virtual capability that allows you to specify the height of the guy walking through the building or on the lot, or you can fly around in a little helicopter. In addition to features for the floor plan that are easy to use (door, window, roof, flooring, three floors to work on), there is also a 3D virtual capability that allows you to specify the height of the guy walking through the building. After that, you may choose whether the pictures have a broad or a narrow angle, and you can save the images as bitmaps.

I’ve been working on this prospective aviary structure for the past several minutes. Here it is. There is a wide variety of both colors and textures offered. Just drag and drop.

A view from one flight through another and out the building’s outside may be seen on the right.

There are various alternatives for your landscape, including the ability to observe your landscaping at different stages of its development. Very innovative, and also very useful. There are so many different features that you simply won’t believe it.

Check out the variant of the same miniature building that is made out of frames. The header and truss information will be provided to you by the estimation tool.

The Super Home Suites come with a number of significant add-ons, such as a furniture workshop, a construction cost estimate, and a 3D model creator. These are all included in the package. Customers that are loyal and receive frequent free upgrades can also share the designs of their own furniture and accoutrements.

Giant recommendation!

On the Punch! Software website, the Super Home Suite may be purchased for the price of $69.99.

Buy Plans

You might wish to drool over these two building plan websites (both of which are from the same architect), which are included below for your perusal. These plans are certainly plausible, despite the fact that I have never seen them before.

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