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The trouble with aviculture is that there is never enough space. If you need additional structures such as inside aviaries and flights, storage, green-houses, storefronts, garden sheds, and so on, you might consider constructing your own. A little shop where you may sell your extra organic vegetables and herbs? A workshop where you may make toys or paint portraits of your birds?

One alternative is to design your structure using genuine CAD or CAD-like software. Punch! Some software will blow your socks off in terms of simplicity of use, features, and pricing.

Last year, I purchased Super House Suite and utilized it to redesign my modular home before having it constructed. Aside from simple floor plan elements (door, window, roof, flooring, three levels to work on), there is a 3D virtual capability where you can define the height of the man walking around the building or on the lot, or you can fly about in a little helicopter. Then you may crop the images to a wide or narrow angle and save them as bitmaps.

I just finished a prospective aviary construction a few minutes ago. There are several textures and colors to choose from. Simply drag and drop.

On the right, you can see the outdoors from one flight through another.

Landscaping choices are also available, as are views of your landscaping as it expands. Very stylish and functional. You won’t believe how many features there are.

Check out the frame version of the same little structure. The estimation tool will provide you with header and truss information.

Super Home Suites contain a furniture workshop, a building cost estimate, and a 3D model creator, among other features. Frequent free updates and loyal clients often contribute their own furniture and accessory ideas.

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