Budgie Breeding Cages Setup

The equipment comes next once the birdroom is built.

Breeding Cage Setup

The main component is cages, which may be any size desired, such as tiny breeding cages 2′ 18′′ 18′′ or stock cages 3′ 18′′ 18′′.

Nest Boxes Setup

Nest boxes exist in a variety of forms and sizes, so before choosing on one, talk to other fanciers. Nest boxes may be installed on the outside or inside of the cage; the birds don’t appear to bother either way. On the concave, new sawdust is required. More on my nest boxes setup guide.

Utensils Setup

Utensils might vary from little china paste pots to coffee jar caps, depending on the present budget. Flowmatic tubes may be used for seed or water, and finger drawers can be used for soft food, grit, or any other additions. Large seed hoppers, as well as dog bowls for baths and seed, may be used in flights; whatever option is selected, attempt to double up on the utensils so that one set can be in use while the other is being cleaned.

Seed Containers Setup

Seed should be stored in a container with a tight-fitting cover. This ensures that the seed is constantly fresh and clean. An empty ice cream tub that has been completely cleansed and dried is a great container. In reality, these containers may hold a wide range of seeds, drinks, and other items.

Perching Setup

Perching might be natural, but while reproducing, a budgie requires at least a half-inch square.

When it is time to exhibit, show cages are required. These are built to BS standards and may be obtained from a variety of sources; alternatively, seek for some nice second-hand ones and restore them.

The equipment indicated is intended to introduce a newcomer to the Clearwing Budgerigars Famcy, and as he or she improves, so will the equipment, when purchases of consistent seed dishes, swing bins, or seed dustbins are purchased. A vacuum cleaner is helpful for cleaning, as is a radio for acclimating birds to background noise during shows.

Editor’s Note: This piece is part of a booklet Welcome to Caring for and Breeding Clearwing Budgerigars, which is sent to new members of the CBBA and is reproduced with permission.

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