Birds At Their Best After The Moult

As a member of the Budgerigar Society General Council, I am bound by the regulation dictating the ring issuance date, which is January 1st. As a result, in order to present birds of sufficient size in the earlier events, we must have the birds ready for breeding by early December.

As a budgerigar breeder, I do not believe now is the appropriate time to begin. I’ve tried all various times and seasons throughout the years, and if the juveniles are few, I’ve kept couples mating for a bit longer. However, I am not asking for an extension of the breeding season. This causes issues since there is not time to complete a full cleaning procedure before the following season arrives.

Obviously, the optimal time of year for breeding is when the birds are at their fittest. I’ve concluded that pairings are at their finest for breeding when they have just finished their September/October moult.

The deepest section of the moult has ended, and the remainder of the feathers are opening, maybe with just a few pin feathers left on the head. I’d emphasize that you should capture them just after they’ve done moulting. It is much too late to wait till they are feather perfect, i.e., in excellent exhibition condition.

I am certain that if we could start breeding the birds near the end of the moult, we would have less issues with infertility and hens not laying. The quick answer is that the best time to start breeding operations is around the end of October. This, in my perspective, marks the beginning of the breeding cycle. By December, the birds are clearly out of the cycle, which explains some of the issues we’re having.

I hasten to add that this season will be the finest of my life; if not, maybe next. This is the concept that drives us all. Budgerigar breeders are perpetual optimists. Best wishes, and don’t blame me if everything goes wrong; just do what I do. My wife is to blame.

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