Bird With Feather Picking Problem


My wife and I have two Amazon yellow heads, one 40 years old and the other 20 years old. Both are guys with various types of yellow heads.

Thanks for the guidance, they go in and out of screaming mode. We are attempting to redirect their conduct.

Cyrano, the younger bird, has begun to pluck the feathers off the front of his neck. We had him for 3 1/2 years before this behaviour began. We took him to the vet for a checkup and guidance.

Every day, we spritz the birds with aloe Vera and water, and they receive weekly baths. We altered their meals based on the advise of our veterinarian and bird groomer.

Cyrano will let the feathers on his neck nearly regrow before picking them off throughout the night. He seems to be in discomfort from the chosen region over the following week or so, and the place appears sort or irritated.

Do you have any other suggestions for us?

Thank you very much.

Bob and Pat Young


Did the vet do a full physical exam that included a CBC blood test?

Was this a vet for birds?

There is a distinction between ordinary veterinarians and avian veterinarians. Avian Vets must complete further training in Avian Medicine.

My worry is that if he does not have a medical condition, have there been any changes in the home? For example, a change in the placement of his cage or new alterations in the house, such as the addition of a new family member.

If the parrot’s owners are stressed and expressing bad emotions or disputes, the bird may get stressed, which may result in behavioural difficulties including plucking at its feathers.

It is critical to determine what is generating him tension in order to put a stop to the plucking.

Does he have any toys in his cage? And, if so, does he have a preference, or do you change the toys on a regular basis? How much time does he spend outside his cage playing and socialising?

All of this is vital since boredom and irritation may lead to plucking. It’s simply that I don’t notice as many pluckers in amazons as I do in cockatoos or african greys.

I would need to spend some time with him to figure out what he is experiencing or what is hurting him.

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