Bird Kabobs

What it is:

The most innovative bird toy to hit the market in years!! It’s composed of dried Yucca (a kind of cactus plant) pieces tied together on a length of rope. There are four sizes available: “Tiny” – lovebirds and conures, “Fiesta” – senegals and quakers, “Grande” – amazons and small cockatoos, “Mucho Grande” – macaws and giant cockatoos, ranging in length from 6 to 14 inches. There’s also the “Ole” Kabob, which is one solid chunk with many divets sliced into it. Medium to huge bird sizes.

Why & when to use it:

Every bird need toys to gnaw on and rip apart ( one of the three types of toys birds should have). These are fantastic because they’re soft enough for the bird to break apart and they can toss the bits all over the place to create a delightful mess. I placed the torn-up bits from Amber’s huge one on lovebird Valentino’s playstand so he may shred even more. In his cage, he also possesses the “Small.” Every lovebird should have one since they like ripping things apart. This is a must-have for any bird prone to feather plucking. One client buys these by the case for her magnificent feathered Umbrella Cockatoo. Every day, she receives a new one. They’re also quite reasonably priced, which is a benefit!

How to use it:

Hang it just in front of a plucker’s preferred perch. Non-pluckers might place them in a difficult-to-reach location to promote activity. Use it in the cage or on a playstand. Because the rope component is a bit too long for my extremely cautious tastes, I tie a few more knots in it to reduce it so it can’t be wrapped around a neck. Tie to cage bars or hang with a quick link.


Expect a happy bird that looks forward to his “work” of ripping up the toy. This is not a long-lasting toy, but it will help minimize feather plucking and boredom while also providing hours of entertainment!

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