Bird Cage Accessories & Supplies List (Available Online From Amazon)

There are several variations of bird cages available, including those with dome tops, play tops, and parrot perches. If you have never had a pet bird before, you are likely going to be surprised by the sheer number of different types of bird cages and bird cage supplies that are available on the market today. If you have never owned a bird before, you are also likely going to be surprised by the prices of these items. Choose the sort of cage that was made specifically for your bird, and double-check that it is roomy enough for your bird to move around freely inside it. You will need to devote a significant amount of time to think over the bird cage accessories, such as bird cage covers, bird cage corner shelves, and bird netting, you will need to purchase initially.

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Best Chew Toy for Large Parrot

Surprisingly lasted for A Long Time – Aside from the entertaining elements on the surface, the striated grooves in the foundation block are the toy’s most notable feature. To encourage foraging, place pine nuts or sunflower seeds between the grooves. For your bird to play with, each side features a huge hole filled with green krinkle paper. Another area to hide larger nuts for more foraging enjoyment. It is durable as it lasted a few months and is still there. Your parrot will love it!

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Best Parrot Gym Ground

Great Value – This is a fantastic play gym for the bird to hang out, play, eat, drink. It is durable and rolls for easy movement. The bottoms are removable for simple cleaning. It is really secure for birds, and it provides you with an excellent opportunity to connect outside of the cage. It is just ideal for bonding and playtime for your pet parrot.

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Best Bird Cage with Rolling Stand

Good Quality with No Regret – This cage is ideal! It is strong and spacious enough for all of your birds to be comfortable. They are large enough even after adding toys. It is very simple to put together, composed of sturdy materials, and looks amazing! It is also easy to clean, and being movable has been a benefit! Plus, being able to remove the partition is fantastic! Your birds can socialize with little effort. I am sure that they will like their new house. 

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Best Iron Bird Cage

Worth and Highly Recommend – It keeps 95 percent of the seeds and feathers in the cage and at the bottom. Make it easy to clean than a smaller cage. It also comes with four retractable hooded feeding dishes to protect seeds from blowing around. If you’re concerned about your bird being able to open the cage doors on their own, the safety locks on all of them are perfect for you! I would strongly suggest this to anybody seeking for a huge, tall cage that doesn’t take up much room.

Birdcage supplies list

The most fundamental bird cage supplies consist of food, feeding bowls, a cover for the cage, and several types of bird games. The kinds of food that various birds choose to eat might vary. Black oil sunflower seed is the most prevalent sort of bird food and is beneficial to many different species of birds, including cardinals, chickadees, and titmice in particular. Millet in its many forms, including white millet, red milo, and cracked maize, is another popular choice.

One dish should be used for food, and the other should be used for water in every bird cage. Purchase dishes that are designed specifically for use with birds. There is a possibility that some of the other types of bowls are covered with a substance that is detrimental to your bird.

If you are confused about what to feed your bird, consult your local veterinarian about the best food for birds to offer it. Purchase feeding dishes that are designed with birds in mind. You need to probably get two, one for the water, and another for the food the birds eat.

Safe Materials for Bird Toys

For the purpose of mentally and physically entertaining your feathered friend, toys are an essential tool. However, you should avoid purchasing toys that feature rings, chains, or metal elements that might easily break off. You should also avoid purchasing toys that are soft and toys that have loose threads. There is a good chance that the beak or claw of your bird will get trapped within the ring. Toys made of metal, such as toy bells, sometimes include clappers that may be removed easily and are a choking hazard for birds. Toys that are stringy or have loose threads are another potential hazard for your feathered friend. Altering the position of the bird’s cage from time to time to provide it with new sights and sounds is another way to pique your pet’s interest and keep it engaged.

Make sure that any wooden or plastic toys you give away do not have any splinters and are not readily pulled apart. This is especially important with wooden toys. You should never give your bird toys made of plastic that are soft and easily pulled apart since the ripped pieces might easily be eaten by your bird, causing it to suffocate.

You may offer your bird organic wooden toys, but you should check to make sure they are free of splinters and that they are not readily destructible by your bird. The same rule applies to plastic toys, which your pet may readily tear apart into little pieces. It is possible for the animal to ingest the fragments and then suffocate on them. Toy pieces that have been torn apart might potentially create an obstruction in the digestive tract of your pet. Make sure you use safe materials for all of your parrots toys.

Finally, while looking for bird cages, it is essential for you to choose a bird cage that was produced by a reputable manufacturer. This is the single most crucial thing you can do. Products sold by reputable companies often come packaged with user manuals, warranties, and customer service that can be relied on. Learn more about tips on buying bird cages for your parrots.

A Good Cage Lock

The next thing you need to think about is the kind of door lock that is on your cage. Keep in mind that parrots are among the most intelligent of all birds. A great number of pet owners have learned the hard way that their birds are perfectly capable of unlocking the cage door and escaping the enclosure on their own. Locks on parrot cages should be very tough to open; otherwise, the cage will serve no use other than to serve as an ornate piece of furniture décor.

Going to Bird Shows Can Save you Money on Parrot Supplies:

Because I used to market my paintings at pet fairs, I’ve met a lot of bird breeders and people who had a diverse collection of parrots. I find them all fascinating. Despite the fact that I do not keep birds, I have much enjoyed the companionship of those who do, and I have picked up a few pointers on how to reduce the amount of money I spend on bird supplies. Here are some suggestions to help you reduce the costs of cages, toys, and several other essential products associated with birds.

There are several bird fanciers groups of varying types in every city in the United States and probably in every other country as well. Some organizations, such as avian societies, bird clubs, and groups for bird enthusiasts, have a more comprehensive reach. Others are more niche-oriented, such as fanciers of cockatoos or conures, for example. Contacting locations that may be located on the internet, local pet shops, or the yellow pages are often the best ways to discover the locations of local clubs in your area. Make a phone call or write down the contact number for each club, then inquire about the concerts they put on and whether or not the general public is welcome to attend. The greater the audience, the better the show. Each year, a number of bird clubs and organizations put on at least one major exhibition, and in some cases even two. There are also much larger exhibitions, such as annual meetings of several bird clubs at exhibits often hosted in major cities and typically known as national shows, congresses, or other titles. These shows may be found under a variety of different names. If these exhibits are available to the general public, you will often find a wider range of exhibitors at them than at other types of shows.

If you go to a simple, local bird show, you will find bird breeders offering hand-fed chicks along with various types of parrots and hookbills. In addition, there will be exhibitors offering bird supplies, who often sell aviaries, toys, food, and other items. Additionally, there is often at least one artist present who is selling bird-themed t-shirts or other handcrafted things nearby. I used to see vendors selling bird magazines at a variety of different exhibits, and they would offer significant price reductions on their publications. There are birds on exhibit, and it’s entertaining to witness the showcase of gorgeous parrots, who often perform for their audience (especially cockatoos, lovely birds who are definitely attention-lovers, in my opinion).

Sunday, which is often the final day of a show’s run, is typically the greatest day to go. This is the time when there could be auctions (when supplies usually sell for a fraction of their original cost), and this is also the time when merchants start marking down their items throughout the day to avoid having to pack it all up when they depart. On the latter end, some booths have actually reduced their rates while others do not. Because seed, toys, and cages are typically rather pricey, it is in your best interest to wait in order to take advantage of any reductions that may become available.

Even for those of us who do not keep birds as pets, coming to pet shows may be fun and is something we should consider doing. The event is enjoyable for the entire family, there are refreshment vendors present, and those who breed or keep birds like chatting to others about their newest feathered offspring. Who knows, maybe you’ll even make up your mind to take the leap and buy a parrot of your very own. If I didn’t already have a few cats of my own, I definitely would get some. Take a risk, do something meaningful, and spend the day at a meeting of an avian organization. You won’t regret it, and you could even pick up some interesting information about parrots and other types of birds along the way. A wonderful opportunity to bond with one’s loved ones while being acquainted with a variety of brilliant and amusing avian species.

If you are interested in more about parrot pet birds, more blog posts here.

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