Best Water for Parrots: (for Drinking & Bathing)


On the topic of water, a lot of people have different points of view. A lot of people do that now, but they put grapefruit seed extract or apple cider vinegar in the water that their birds drink.

However, at the very least, we need to make sure that we are not giving our birds water that has been treated and/or contains more minerals/metals, etc. than their system can handle. I have included websites below for further research on these topics.

The water that I provide to all of my animals is often distilled water. Water that has been through the distillation process is the most “pure” type of water. In our opinion, the minerals that are present in tap water, bottled water, or municipal water are inert; they are not absorbed by any living organism, and as a result, they are not a source of nutrients that can be used by the body.

In addition, the fluoride and other chemicals that are added to many municipal water sources have the potential to be carcinogenic over time. Because I had a water conditioner installed on my private well water system, I am only able to utilize this water for cooking and drinking purposes. The water that comes out of my filter system is extremely high in sodium content and should not be consumed by any living thing because it contains salt.

Do not use non-specific metal bowls since they may contain zinc or oxidize into standing water; stainless steel or plastic bowls and/or plastic or glass water bottles are the best containers because they are easy to clean and sterilize.

If you use bottles, you should get two bottlebrushes: one that is designed to clean tubes, and another that is designed to clean bottles (all of these items are simple to clean with the assistance of the brushes)! At the very least, the water should be replaced once each day, preferably twice.

And if you utilize bowls, you will quickly see why it is that way! It doesn’t take long for poop soup to form! Placing the bowl or dish in a secure location that is removed from an area where they may perch over them will help reduce the need to change the contents of the bowl or dish more frequently.

Because I am not home for a good portion of each day and my birds like to take baths in their water dish, I find that giving them water in bottles is a lot more practical option for my lifestyle. It is vital to keep in mind that birds will bathe in their water dishes, thus it is critical that these dishes have water that is clear of any residuals. This will ensure that the birds obtain the full health benefit that is necessary for their well-being.

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