Best Toys for Conure Birds

Conures are birds that really like having a good time, and you can acquire them with a wide variety of different toys. They like to stare at sparkling objects, but you have to keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t shatter. Conures will gnaw and destroy whatever they can get their beaks on, particularly anything made of wood. This indicates that you may acquire them to chew toys to divert them from the possibility of destroying anything else in the house. Playtime and exercise are two of the most important things you can do for the health of your pet. Just keep in mind that they need around ten hours of sleep on a daily basis, so you shouldn’t play with them too much.

Learning Logs

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Best Learning Log

“A Favourite” – MEWTOGO Bird Parrot Wooden Toys for Conures Cockatiels Foraging and Amazon Parrot Toys

  • Colorful, well-made, with many pieces of wood and knots, which can attract your birds to play all the time. The set is much more challenging to chew or destroy.
  • The toy is movable and can be put into different shapes.
  • Wood blocks united in a sturdy chain, while the cage hanging clip is safe and will not injure furry friends.

Rings of Fortune

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Best Rings of Fortune

Nature’s Instinct Foragewise Rings of Fortune for Conures, Amazons, Macaws, and Similar Birds

  • Made of tough polycarbonate
  • Safe, quicklink fastener for easy attachment to cage
  • Zinc free, nickel-plated chain.
  • Relieves boredom and increases activity level for birds

Intelligence and Feeder Toys

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Best Feeder Toy

YINGGE Wooden Bird Foraging Feeder Toys, Intelligence Toys for Medium and Large Parrots Sun Conures, Caique, Cockatoo, African Grey, Macaws, Amazon

  • Encourages foraging for treats and exercise too
  • Made with safe and non-toxic material
  • Attractive & Convenient Design – can put small toys into the drawers, and teach the parrot pulling out the drawer.
  • Aids in necessary parrot chewing

Nature’s Instinct Foragewise Tiki Takeout

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Best Party Ball

Nature’s Instinct Foragewise Tiki Takeout for Conures, Amazons, Macaws, and Similar Birds

  • Made of tough nylon polymer
  • Safe, quicklink fastener for easy attachment to cage. Zinc-free
  • No tools are required to replace dowels
  • Relieves boredom and increases activity level for birds

Safe, chewable wood dowels conceal treats. Encourages the natural instincts of a bird to forage for its food. Birds chew through the wood dowels to reach the treat hidden behind. Small or Large Dowels can be used, or both. Made of tough nylon polymer. No tools are required to replace dowels.

Nature’s Instinct Foragewise Daffy For Taffy

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Best Party Ball

Nature’s Instinct Foragewise Daffy For Taffy for Conures, Amazons, Macaws and Similar Birds

  • Made of tough polycarbonate
  • Safe, quicklink fastener for easy attachment to cage
  • Zinc-free, nickel-plated chain.
  • Relieves boredom and increases activity level for birds

Encourages the natural instincts of a bird to forage for its food. Easy to load treat compartment allows you to hide a treat inside. By exploring and moving the toy in a back and forth motion, the trapped treat will eventually fall free to the opening at the bottom of the toy for easy retrieval.

Important Dos And Don’ts For Choosing Parrots Toys

Parrots are very clever birds that, when living in their natural environments, are able to satiate their natural inquisitiveness by flying and discovering the world around them. They search for food while flying from tree to tree, picking at intriguing objects they find along the way.

What changes take place when one chooses to keep this animal as a pet? Unless the owner of the pet makes a concerted effort to give both physical and mental stimulation, there is a dramatic reduction in both types of activity. Toys for parrots are a fantastic method to give cerebral stimulation as well as some kind of physical movement to your pet.

When looking for a toy for your parrot, one of the most important things you need to keep in mind is that you should select something that is suitable for its size. DO NOT buy a toy that is too large for a little bird like a Quaker Parrot or a Green-Cheek Conure, and DO NOT buy a toy that is too small for a large bird like a Cockatoo or a Macaw. This may be quite annoying, and it even has the potential to cause harm.

DO take into consideration the games and activities that your bird likes to do with its parrot toys. Chewing is one of the parrots’ favorite activities, and they also like shredding food and looking into tight spaces, learn more about what parrots like. The greatest toys are ones that encourage the birds’ natural behaviors and provide them with opportunities to keep their minds active while doing so.

Toys made of wood and paper are both ideal options for them to chew on, and toy producers utilize a range of different types of wood, from soft to hard, to provide the birds with a range of different challenges. Rawhide is a common component of parrot toys since it gives the birds something to gnaw on and is also fun to look at. Check the safest material for bird toys before purchasing one.

A wide range of surface textures may be quite interesting and engaging for a parrot, thus it is important to choose parrot toys that include a variety of materials or choose toys that are constructed of a variety of materials. In addition to wood and paper, there is a range of other materials that may be found in commercial toys for birds. Some of these materials include raffia, cotton ropes, coconut fibers, and garment material. These materials have been incorporated into the toys in creative ways.

DO look for toys that have some kind of a puzzle component to them since this will serve the aim of keeping the parrot’s mind active. Some of these toys have a compartment in which you can conceal a nut or a tiny treat; doing so will provide the bird with the pleasure of searching for its reward and the rush of satisfaction that comes with being successful.

Keep in mind that parrots are highly clever creatures; hence, the toys that they play with need to fulfill the same functions as those that are intended for use by infants. They will be amused, but they will also get the opportunity to demonstrate their skills since it is the purpose of this activity.

At this juncture, it is also important to emphasize that you should gradually raise the level of difficulty of the toys that you provide to your parrots. There is nothing that will lead to greater frustration for you and your bird than getting started with the most difficult toy that is available on the market. Although it might be the pinnacle of combining texture and challenge, getting there will be easier if you put in the necessary groundwork beforehand. DO NOT say it to your bird right away while you are training them.

Toys may also be used for physical activity in certain cases. You would really want to give your bird a lot of time in the air, but there are instances when that just isn’t possible. They may be able to burn off some of their boundless energy by playing with the right toy. DO choose toys for your parrot that have moveable pieces, such as ring swings and various levels of dowels, since they might stimulate movement in your pet.

There are also foot toys that are designed specifically for parrots to play with using their feet. Parrots can move these toys. It’s possible that there’s something to break open and a straightforward mechanism to operate, both of which can keep parrots pleasantly occupied for a good long time. Parrot swings and parrot stands are popular toys that you might consider purchasing for your pet parrots.

It is impossible to overstate the importance of toys in the emotional lives of parrots, but there are a few things you should bear in mind about this topic. DON’T VIEW YOUR ROLE AS SIMPLY PROVIDING AN ABUNDANCE OF PLAYTHINGS FOR THE PARROT AND THEN LEAVING IT ALONE TO FIND ITS OWN AMUSEMENT.

BE SURE to keep an eye on how appealing each new toy is, and ditch the ones that aren’t getting the job done. It will also be most beneficial to introduce one item at a time and to cycle between a few different toys so as to avoid boredom brought on by overexposure to the toys.

Also, keep in mind that even while the toys provide the much-needed stimulation, they will not be able to fully replace the time that you need to spend interacting with your intelligent pet. Make SURE that you DO NOT allow it to take place!

DO make sure that you select toys that are made of safe materials such as non-toxic plastic, natural fibers, organic dyes, and untreated wood, and AVOID toys that have chemically processed leather, zinc, lead, or treated wood. In terms of the safety of your parrot, DO make sure that you select toys that are made of safe materials. Check the safest material for bird toys before purchasing one.

When selecting a toy for your parrot that has a rope component, be wary of material that has frayed edges since these may be quite dangerous for parrots. It was said previously that you should choose toys that are suitable for your bird’s size so that it does not get its head or toes caught in an inconvenient spot or angle.

In addition, as a component of your overall safety awareness, you SHOULD routinely evaluate the toys that your bird is using for play and quickly replace any that are damaged or worn out.

The time and effort you invest into selecting toys for your parrot will undoubtedly be rewarding for your pet, even if it requires some deliberation and decision-making on your part.

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