Best Parrot Websites & Resources (2022 List)

The Best Parrots for Beginners to K...
The Best Parrots for Beginners to Keep as Pets

Here’s a list of some of the sites I’ve discovered while surfing the web. While I attempt to maintain the links as up-to-date as possible, there may be a few that are no longer active. They’re grouped into divisions by category to attempt to keep things orderly.

It is not my practice to suggest certain websites; rather, I like to encourage independent discovery on your side. Nevertheless, if you keep a parrot as a pet, here are a few websites that you could find to be of interest.

*** If you like birds and have a relevant website or social media account, please share this page with your followers. The main objective is to assist individuals in providing the best possible care for their parrots, rather than to highlight the author’s expertise (or lack thereof). With that stated, go ahead and dive in and have fun! ***

General Pet Birds & Parrots Websites

Pet Rescue / Adoption

Wings of Hope-NJ prides itself on finding loving, experienced adoptive homes for unwanted, abused, neglected and abandoned exotics…. from birds to small critters. Find out how you can help.

Wings of Hope-NJ

Post Office Box 214

Jackson, NJ 08527

Hotline: 732-833-7825 (QUAK)

P. O. Box 493095

Redding, CA 96049

phone: 530-275-8188


African Greys Websites

Amazons Parrots Websites

Budgerigars Websites

Caiques Websites

Cockatiel Websites

Conure Websites

Hawk Heads Websites

Keas Websites

Lory Websites

Parakeets Websites

Macaws Websites

  • Blue Macaws
    Information, photos and articles about hyacinth, lear’s and spix macaws in the wild, and the extinct glaucous macaw.
  • Foundation for the Preservation of the Hyacinth Macaw
    A non-profit foundation incorporated in 1991. Contains photos, paintings, gifts and information about the hyacint macaw and the foundation, and an article about other macaws.
  • The Mac Cam
    Provides a view of Mac, a scarlet macaw in his huge house playing. It also documents Mac’s life. Boko, a congo african grey, can also be seen at this site.
  • Those Majestic Macaws
    FAQ about some of the different macaw species. List of recipes, health and care tips, food to avoid and what’s nutritious. How much it should weigh, the length of the bird and pictures of the anatomy and skeleton. Parrot jokes.
  • Avesint Macaw Parrots – Information, photos of Macaw Parrots.
  • Avian Adventures Aviary – Breed and raise handfed, well-socialized, polyoma-vaccinated baby macaws, cockatoos and eclectus. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Avian Antics Macaw Parrots – Handfed, health-guaranteed African greys, cockatoos, macaws and others. Photos on species and availability. Located in Livermore.
  • Avian Avenue – Breeders of hand-fed amazons, cockatoos, congo, African greys, senegals, Meyers and hahns macaws. Located in Santa Clarita.
  • Avianweb Macaw Parrot – A lot of facts and links about Macaw Parrots.
  • Avitech – Avian accessories such as toys, pedicure perches and cleaning products. Breeding supplies like brooders and syringes. Also breeder of some parrot species.
  • Birds and Branches – Bird toys, lava rock perches, parrot T-shirts, and handfeeding syringes.
  • Blackstone Macaw Parrots Aviaries – Breeders of macaw, amazon, African grey and Senegal parrots in California. Offers handfed babies for sale. Follow your chosen baby’s pictures as it grows online. Located in San Diego County.
  • Charlotte’s Nest – Breeder of macaws, greys, conures, lories, Quakers, caiques, cockatoos, pionus, senegals, and alexandrines. Located in Houston.
  • Feather Perfect – Breeder of various parrot species. Has listing of upcoming bird showsby state. Also has a frequently asked questions section and offers personal phone consultations. Located in Bakersfield.
  • Feathered Companions Aviary – Breeder specializing in Indian ringneck and pyrrhura conure color mutations, as well as black-capped, sun, and painted conures. Located in Austin.
  • Foundation for the Preservation of the Hyacinth Macaw Parrots – A non-profit foundation incorporated in 1991. Contains photos, paintings, gifts and information about the hyacinth macaw and the foundation, and an article about other macaws.
  • Full Nest Aviary and Exotics – Breeders of African greys, amazons, Eclectus, senegals, lories, mini macaws, and conures. Includes information about availability. Located in Pflugerville.
  • GuavaWood4Perches – Manufacturer and seller of guava wood perches, swings and toys for parrots of all sizes.
  • Lewinski’s Aviary – Dedicated to macaws and a cockatoo with some photos. Chat room available to chat about parrots. Things to consider when buying a new bird.
  • Macaw Parrots – General information on the macaw and its endangered status including photos.
  • Sounds of Joy Aviary – Breeders of congo African greys, lesser Jardines, Meyers, red-bellied parrots, senegals, blue front and chaco blue front amazons, double yellowhead amazons, blue headed pionus, goffins and Eleonora cockatoos, and Hahn’s macaw.
  • Sphynxnparrots – Breeders of Alexandrians, amazons, cockatoos, derbyans, Eclectus, macaws, and various colors of Indian ringnecks, along with our Sphynx cats in a family environment. Located in Stockton.
  • The Cockatoo Connection Macaw Parrots – Breeders of amazons, cockatoos, macaws, conures, African greys, hawk heads, Meyer’s, caiques, Jardines, Indian ringnecks, grass parakeets, and princess of wales parrots. Located in Fresno.
  • The Feather Tree – Specializes in pyrrhura conures. Also breeding greys, amazons, pionus, poicephalus, and greater vasa parrots. Includes pictures and articles. Located in Long Beach.
  • Those Majestic Macaw Parrots – FAQ about some of the different macaw species. List of recipes, health and care tips, food to avoid and what’s nutritious. How much it should weigh, the length of the bird and pictures of the anatomy and skeleton. Parrot jokes.
  • Top Notch Macaw Parrots – Breeder of cockatoos, greys, amazons, conures, and macaws. Located in Eugene, Oregon.
  • Twin Willows Avairy Macaw Parrots – Breeders of macaws and cockatoos. Located in Bryon.
  • Wendy’s Macaw Parrots – Breeders of African Greys, Amazons, Alexandrines, mini macaws and large macaws, with a special emphasis on the red-fronted macaw.
  • Wings of Joy Aviary – A small breeding facility in southern Oregon, specializing in quaker parakeets and sun conures. Articles and pictures on the species.
  • Visit – Get Hooked on it!
  • Birds n Ways – the largest site on the internet devoted to parrots and exotic birds.
  • Echo’s Haven – a Sanctuary (forever home) for abused, unwanted and special-needs birds.
  • The Pet Bird Page
  • Wolfer’s Feathered World – WFW Avian is a small, breeding facility located in the North West just outside Seattle Washington. Rare and Exotic birds as well as information on how to care for your birds.
  • – The Main Menu is filled with topics all about parrots!
  • ExoticBird.comAll About Macaws!

Bird Owners’ Personal Sites

Bird Health Sites and Articles

Forum and Chat Sites

Sanctuary Sites

Bird Food Websites

Bird Supplies, Cages, Playgyms & Toys Websites

Bird Gardens Websites

Pet Bird Magazines

Bird Health & Vets

DNA Testing 

(Find out if your bird is male or female)

Parrot Research

  • Peach-faced Lovebird – A webpage discussing the naturalized Peach-faced Lovebirds in Arizona with range Expansion Data in Greater Phoenix, Arizona Area.

Parrot Information

Parrot Conservation

  • What is CITES – A question and answer page on the CITES by the American Federation of Aviculture.

Birding Links

Parrot Gifts

  • Beak Boutique
  • Nefret Design
  • Calypso Parrot – Parrot and Tropical Themed Gifts including Parrot Christmas Cards, Lamps, Jewelry Boxes, Parrothead T-Shirts and gifts, Beach Towels, and other exciting Parrot Gifts. A Parrot Lover’s ‘Parrotdise’!
  • – Its Up In The – Parrot Related Merchandise, Gifts, Tee Shirts and Art for the Pet Bird Lover. Hundreds of parrot-themed items for you to choose from.
  • Visit the Animal Den – Pet Portraits by Cherie
  • – Pet Portrait Artist – Melanie Phillips is a professional pet portrait artist creating realistic pet portraits in oils, pencil and colored pencil. Commission Melanie and watch your pet portrait develop on her website and view the final piece before it’s sent to you! Secure online ordering. Free worldwide delivery.

Other Pets

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