Beginner Birds That Talk (Best Cheap Pet for Kids)

There are several reasons why people choose to bring pets into their homes.

  1. The answer to the problem of being alone in the home is to have a pet as a friend. People feel more at ease when they choose a pet that is an animal or bird since the animal or bird exudes trust. It’s more probable that you’ll mistrust people in your own peer group than animals you keep as pets.
  2. Many people prefer parrots as pets because these birds have the innate ability to imitate human speech and can interact with ease. In addition, parrots can also repeat what they hear.
  3. Elderly people, kids, or those in severe situations might benefit from therapy that involves having a pet of any type.
  4. A buddy that the parrot recognizes, the parrot will make a lot of noise and act very enthusiastically when they see them, which helps to announce their arrival.
  5. Because of the vibrant colors of their feathers, birds have a natural appearance that is neat, elegant, and appealing.
  6. Unlike any other kind of pet, captive parrots are not likely to get sick from living in close quarters with other animals and are unable to escape their enclosures.

Common Pet Parrots

There are many different categories of parrots since there are so many different species found in so many different regions. However, there are more than a dozen species of parrots in each category indicated in all of those birds that are actively trainable. In order to demonstrate a few of the sorts of “Conures,” I will tell you that each one originates from a particular wild location of origin. The great majority of them come from the wilds of South America or South and Eastern Africa, both of which still have enormous areas of undeveloped forest.

  • The Sun Conure is a species of conure parrot, and it is an absolutely stunning bird with a color scheme that combines yellow, orange, and red, with a hint of green on its wings. The color green predominates in the younger suns, and as the suns go through their molts, their colors grow more vibrant. The weight of an adult sun ranges from 100 to 120 grams. If one looks carefully enough, though, it is possible to determine someone’s gender. Male birds, which tend to be more square and flat in appearance, tend to be bigger than their more rounder and smaller female counterparts. Despite their reputation for being loud and rowdy, they may be simple to teach. Originates in the uninhabited regions of Guyana, Venezuela, and northwest Brazil.
  • Green Cheek Conure was first discovered in South America. Olive green coloration may be seen on the body and wings, with a scarlet tint on the tail. The throat is a bluish-gray color with a few specks of green throughout. It is difficult to determine a person’s sexual orientation.

It is difficult to determine if a parrot is male or female, they come in a variety of colors, and although they may be trained, they do need care lest they become mischievous. These characteristics are shared by all species of parrots. The life span of a parrot is typically around average.

Best Beginner Birds That Talk

One of the birds that are now considered to be the most popular purchase for families with kids is the Sun Conure. Because of the affordability, they are an excellent choice for someone just beginning their avian experience. They are sturdy and need little in the way of maintenance. They are noisy shrieking birds, which is the one true disadvantage, but other than that, they are quite fun and simple to manage. It is well known that they are poor communicators. Read more about beginner birds.

In my perspective, the biggest appeal is their attractiveness. Because of their vivid yellow and orange plumage, they are considered to be one of the most beautiful birds that can be found.


Because of their demand for physical activity, sun conures will need a cage that is rather spacious. After you start adding toys and perches, it’s important to make sure they still have enough space to spread their wings when you’re done.

The dimensions of the enclosure should be at least 30 inches in height, 24 inches in width, and 24 inches in depth. There are a few different manufacturers who build cages of this size, and each one of them will include a play area on the top of the enclosure that can be accessible by opening the roof. Sun Conures like these cases since they are able to go outside of their enclosure at any time of their choosing. They do not go out of their container and do not wander free around the home. Remember that they have a rather long tail, and keep that in mind. If the cage is too small for them or if the perches and toys are dispersed around the cage, they will cause harm to their tail feathers. They need space to move about!

They are also quite fond of chewing! Maintain a stock of twigs and sticks made of softwood for them to break apart at their leisure. If you want to utilize branches, you should make sure that the wood has not been sprayed with any chemicals that may be harmful. Learn more about safest materials for parrot toys. Sun conures are known to like stripping the bark off of branches and shredding the wood. You will reduce the amount of wear and tear on their cage perches if you provide them with branches.


A best Parrot diet consisting mostly of fruits, berries, and seeds will make sun conures the happiest. However, this does not provide a caged bird with an adequate amount of nutrients. It is strongly suggested that you provide your conure with food consisting mostly of high-quality pellets and a large number of fresh fruits and vegetables at all times. Apples and citrus fruits are two of their favorite fruits. If you want their feathers to truly shine (remember, that’s why you got this bird in the first place), be sure to boost their food with vitamin A and vegetables that are orange or dark green.


The Sun Conure has a charming and engaging demeanor. They are a curious kind of bird, so keeping them engaged is as easy as providing them with a wide variety of different toys to play with. They like getting attention and will eagerly engage in play with their owners whenever they have the opportunity. They have a close link with their owners and are very dedicated to the people they live with. They are also capable of acting in a protective manner. If they are contentedly resting on your shoulder, then no one should go too near to you since he will quickly take on a protective posture if they are disturbed.

Training Sun Conures is fairly simple since they eagerly anticipate the care Sun Conures get. You should be able to educate their fingers in a matter of days, and in a short period of time, they will feel comfortable enough with you to allow you to touch and scratch them. They will, in all likelihood, welcome the attention they get.

If you are interested in different species of parrot pet birds and bird-owner tips, more information here.

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