Aviary Management Software (Best for Parrot Breeders)

Many people who breed birds for a living or as a hobby are interested in finding software that is both easy to use and comprehensive in its features. It’s possible that AviMate 2 will deliver what so many people have been looking for. This breeder management program built on Microsoft Windows is intended to help you save time while also assisting you in making decisions regarding your birds that are more educated and well-informed.

This application program was designed with the support of expert bird breeders such as Rick Jordan, who contributed their time and expertise. A user-friendly database that includes Breeder Inventory, Clutch Activities, and a Nursery Inventory is one of the unique characteristics of this application. Additionally, it provides a Contact Log, which can be used to store information about customers, suppliers, veterinarians, and other individuals; an invoice generation and expense record-keeping system; and the capability to automatically create information as you record your day-to-day activities.

Other features include archive and unarchive services, backup services, training and help services, journal services, report generation, a daily planner with color-coded daily activities, password protection, and backup services. Other features include journal services. You can obtain additional information by visiting the Internet website (http://www.avimate.com), which also allows you to download a free copy of AviMate for the purpose of evaluating it for a TRIAL period. Customers in the United States can call Boundaries Unlimited, Inc. at (407) 349-2729 or send an email to [email protected] to place an order.

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