Attending A Bird Show

Attending bird shows has been one of our favourite pastimes throughout the last ten years of keeping birds. These exhibitions are often organised by local bird clubs and hobbyists in order to purchase, sell, and exchange their birds, as well as market other bird supplies.

These performances are available to the public and just a couple of bucks in entrance. It’s like a flea market and a trade exhibition rolled into one! It’s a terrific way to waste a few hours while also getting some excellent prices and meeting other bird lovers.

If you’ve never been to one of these shows, let me share some of my thoughts on what I’ve seen. I’ve been to hundreds of these exhibits, both as a vendor and as a guest, and would advise any bird owner to go.


The primary purpose of these exhibitions is for members of bird clubs to sell their birds.

These club members are excellent and competent breeders. Their birds are not born in large flocks, but rather in their homes, where they get continual care. They are entirely hand fed, sociable, and make wonderful pets. To guarantee that all of the birds being sold are healthy, most bird show organisers require the birds to be inspected by a professional avian vet. They don’t want a reputation for selling ill birds!

A pet shop would normally have a limited selection of birds, such as finches, cockatiels, parakeets, and lovebirds. Better pet shops may carry a few huge parrots, but you have no idea where they originated from. They will also be prohibitively expensive!

A bird show will include a wide range of birds. The cost is quite affordable. But the greatest reason is that you may speak with the breeder! They will tell you all there is to know about the bird since they have been with it since it was hatched. They are familiar with its history, likes and dislikes, and personality. A pet shop would NEVER provide you with all of this information.

They will also be able to provide you with a wealth of information on the bird’s food, training, and training. You will leave with all you need to raise your bird.

Many bird exhibitions collaborate with bigger organisations, such as the National Cockatiel Society, to host regional displays. Their birds are evaluated and awarded. You may look at these birds, chat to the breeders, obtain advice, and just mingle with other bird owners.


Bells, blocks, ropes, stands, and swings……

It’s Christmas for your birds! It’s like a birdland Toys-R-Us!

A large number of the sellers offer handcrafted toys. A few offer all of the components and resources you’ll need to create your own! And, once again, the pricing is reasonable! I’ve seen toys for half the price of those offered at pet shops!

We normally spend a lot of money when we go to these performances. However, with as many parrots as we have, we go through a lot of toys and materials. We always have enough on hand. Profits also benefit folks who are just starting out and want to support their bird hobby. As a result, everyone benefits!


When we were a vendor at these exhibitions, we sold our birds as well as a variety of cages. We worked with a couple different manufacturers, so we could provide some variation.

These displays are always accompanied by a number of cage merchants. The handcrafted cages were my favourite! These were often enormous iron cages created by some brilliant craftsman who just enjoyed messing about in the workshop. The pricing were a little excessive, but the quality was always on par! You got exactly what you payed for.

Some merchants are representing local pet shops, thus their pricing and inventory will be similar to those of their stores. There are also folks like me. We buy a lot of materials and cages on the cheap (since we are breeders). We don’t have overhead since we don’t have a storefront. We can pass on some discounts to those who visit these exhibitions. Everyone wins once more!


There are frequently many vendors offering bird food. Some are very specialised, while others provide basic brands available at any pet shop.

You’ll discover a variety of hard-to-find commercial meals. There are hundreds of food manufacturers in the United States, but finding distributors or outlets to sell their brand is always tough. Bird shows are an excellent method for companies to showcase their goods and provide bird owners a place to buy them.

Some of these vendors are more distinctive. They planned to make a particular mix. You were given a list of ingredients and told how much of each to mix in. We’d normally hunt for these people to purchase small batches of “treat” seeds for our parrots.


Because the organisers of the exhibition are on a tight budget, doing a lot of advertising is out of the question. You may obtain information about these shows by browsing the internet, contacting local pet businesses and veterinarians, or reading pet periodicals.

Many decent bookstores sell Bird Talk Magazine, which generally includes a listing of forthcoming concerts. Check out as well.

If you are thinking about getting a bird, you should be prepared to transfer your new pet. Some suppliers do not provide a cage or a convenient method to transport them…..and if you have a long journey ahead of you, it is critical to have everything ready for your trip. I’ve seen some folks arrive unprepared and just take the bird to their vehicle. Yes, it escaped (the wings were not cut), and there wasn’t much anybody could do about it. The merchant should have been given the riot act for allowing their client to leave with the bird in this manner.

Every bird lover, in my opinion, owes it on themselves to attend at least one bird show. You will not be sorry.

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